2012 Persimmon Prediction

It’s that time of year again when we start looking to nature to predict how severe our winter will be.

I used to predict winter by measuring the length of the black ring around the middle of a wooly worm but we don’t have many wooly worms in our neck of the woods. As a matter of fact I very seldom see one. I can count on one hand the amount of wooly worms I’ve seen since moving to the south over 20 years ago.

So I go to the next best thing. The persimmon. I posted the persimmon prediction last year and you can revisit that prediction here.

This year’s persimmon forcast has left me a little confused.

First let me tell you that if the seed in the persimmon looks like a spoon it’s said that there will be a harsh winter. If it looks like a fork it’s said there will be a mild winter. Or if it looks like a knife it’s said there will an icy winter.

So I cracked open the seeds from three seperate persimmons.

Most of them had no seed at all.

But the one’s that did looked like the pictures here.

Last year’s prediction was that we would have a harsh winter. Well we know that didn’t happen.

This year’s persimmon seeds look to me like a knife. So now I’m beginning to wonder if the persimmon seed results are a product of the previous winter.

What do you think?

Have you checked the persimmon seed winter prediction in your area? If you have I’d love to know the results.

Happy Wednesday!



4 comments on “2012 Persimmon Prediction

  1. I don’t know about winter predictions but love to eat the sweet fuyu persimmons, no seeds, found this time of the year in oriental food stores, don’t get the Hachiya variety, they are astringent and needs to be cured to take the pucker out, usually peeled and dried in autumn sun.

  2. Maybe that means we wont have a winter at all. We don’t have any persimmon trees near by, so I can’t check them out. We do have wooly worms, though. The first one I saw had a lot of black on him, but the rest have been pretty common looking ones. So, who knows. I hope we have more snow than we did last year, though.

  3. I haven’t heard of that. But I had NONE of my persimmons make it. First time ever. We had No veggies, no fruits and I have barely had flowers. The Bees are missing down here.(all the chemicals they are spreading over us is killing them re: Chem Trails) I still have my AC on it was 85 here yesterday. I killed myself putting rye grass down over 10 acres..by hand mind you… and NONE is growing!!! Yes, I have just about pulled all my hair out.

    Now the upside is I still have all my little birds around including hummingbirds. Also my pool is chystal clear…go figure!

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