2012 Backyard Series 9

We hope that you and your families had a great Thanksgiving! Great food and great company….it can’t get any better than that. We filled our bellies and had a great time with the exception of one little thing…..

We had a little excitement over the weekend. My son and his family just became the proud owners of a miniature pig. Keeping that little fellow contained has proven to be a challenge.

The first night they took him outside, he took off. Do you know how fast those little things are? Gee whiz! So anyway, they were unable to catch him but he stayed the night close to the house and come daybreak he began to scout out his new area ending up in my back yard. Needless to say my dogs and horses were more than a little curious about that fat little thing snorting his way around the farm. Which is what alerted me to his presense.

So here I was in my jammies, house shoes and robe walking around my yard calling, “Here, piggy, piggy”, over and over. He was having no part of that. A little later my son and daughter-in-law came up to help me corral him. My son caught him off guard and snatched him up. You should have seen the funny little thing wiggle and heard the squealing that accompanied.

He was not happy!

Later in the day, The Captain, Boo and I went to visit the little guy because they had yet to see him. And we learned that if you snort, he will snort. That knowledge came in handy later that day when the little escape artist once again got loose. Our farm is set to contain large animals and is in no way capable of containing small animals, with the exception of my small dog yard.

So anyway, with my son at work and my daughter-in-law at home with the kids that left The Captain, Boo and I to attempt to corral the little four-legged escape artist.

And in the dark, no less.

Around and around the farm we went. Up and over the hill and into the cul-de-sac neighborhood next door he went with me in hot pursuit worrying that he was gonna find his way to the highway. I tried to get around him to head him back to the farm but he kept going the same direction as I. So I stopped where I could keep an eye on him until The Captain and Boo could catch up and circle around. We were finally able to get him back over the hill and onto the farm but we lost him somewhere in the darkeness in an overgrown area along the fenceline and he spent another night out in the cold. But atleast he was back on the farm.

He’s back home now resting in his little pen where it’s safe and warm. He’s had enough excitement and so have we.

I can’t help but laugh when I think about me standing on top of that hill, in the yard of a neighbor, unable to see the location of the short four-legged escapee. Only finding his vicinity by snorting into the darkness and listening for his reply.

Didn’t I tell you there is always something going on in my back yard? In this case, the back yard, the front yard, the side yard, the neighbor’s yard……..

How many of you can say you’ve spent your Thanksgiving standing on top of a hill, snorting into the darkness and listening for a reply?

Happy Monday!



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