Smile-Small Sacrifice

I have really missed the What Makes Me Smile posts and starting today I am bringing it back.

I know you have missed them, too.

The last “Smile” I posted was almost a year ago when I posted about how happy I was to be finally finishing school. And although I haven’t exactly went down the path I was expecting to take I am still thankful to be finished with school and traveling down the path that was meant for me. I know that those two years weren’t wasted. I WILL eventually make it to the path that I hoped for. God has other plans and I will travel along and keep looking ahead because he is in control and I will accept and be happy with whatever he puts before me.

With that said today I am working and gaining more experience to add to my resume and at the same time I will soon begin to have more time to practice web programming and fine tune my skills. It means getting up an hour earlier on the days that I do work, but that is a small sacrifice to have that extra day off each week.

And that Makes Me Smile!

What’s making you smile?

Happy Thursday!



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