2012 Fall Update 3

Something new here on the farm is that my youngest has retained his driver’s license.

We have been working to get this vehicle…

Ole Blue

road ready for him.

That truck has been tossed around among the family for several years now. And I think everyone has driven it but me. It has been owned my my father and my father-in-law and now it is ours. It has a lot of sentimental value for us especially now that my dad is no longer with us. He named her Ole Blue and the name has stuck with her. Boo has spent a lot time cleaning and fixing up that truck and he and the Captain have future plans for it, but for now it will be getting my youngest back and forth to school.

Right now as I write this they are off to get a couple of other things needed for her like a fan belt and windshield wipers. And tomorrow morning I’ll be walking the floor and wringing my hands. ***sigh***

Happy Tuesday!



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