Crumpled Piece of Paper

I am one of those people who never go to the doctor. I only go when something is really wrong. I don’t like putting those chemicals they call “medicine” in my body and only do so when it is absolutely necessary. Like a while back when I had a urinary tract infection(UTI). But my last several trips to the doctors office have left me extremely disappointed in the medical field.

It started with the UTI. I was pretty sure what was going on and needed testing to be sure and medication to clear it up. But I also had a list of a few things I wanted to discuss with the doctor that were possibly signs of another problem and maybe were all related to that one issue. I discussed the UTI issue with the doctor and tested positive, but when I brought up the subject of the other things on my list I was told, by the doctor, that he did not have time to discuss the other issues.  His words were, “If I discuss everything on everyone’s list I would be here until 10:00pm every night”. I was shocked! I left and still haven’t discussed this with anyone in the medical field.

A few months later I had an issue (still ongoing) that I went to yet another doctor to have evaluated and blew me off, treating me as if I am an ignoramous wasting his time.

I don’t understand these doctors. And I don’t see them doing well in their profession. Seems to me they are just in it for the money and they don’t really care about the patients at all. They were both male and 30-ish in age. Do they see me as a hypochondriac? A 40 something female who has no idea what is going on with her body? Are they upset over this whole healthcare reform and taking it out on the patients? I know that I am older and somewhat over weight but do I not reserve the same respect as a younger, slimmer patient?

No, I won’t be returning to those doctors. I have been trying to find a good family doctor. Someone who will have permanent records to refer to in the future. And I’m not having much luck. I’ve heard about a couple of doctors close by, but they are booked so far in advance that it’s hard to get an appointment when you really have a problem. For instance, I needed to get the yearly physical that my insurance requires. I tried to get an appointment with one of those doctors and was told that the first available appointment was 6 months away.  As hard as I try to keep up with my daily life I am just not that organized.

As many doctors as there are it is a sad thing that there are only a few that really care. And those few work themselves to death trying to keep up with the patients that need someone to really care and work hard to diagnose the symptoms the patients have taken the time to write down and bring with them on a crumpled piece of paper so they can give the doctor an accurate description and hopefully get a more precise diagnosis.

Anyone else feeling my pain?

Happy Saturday!



4 comments on “Crumpled Piece of Paper

  1. Yes Honey I hear you, been there. It is not the glory job it once one in the medical field. Esp. since it’s changing to Obama care it is only going to get worse. You won’t be able to get into any doctor except by a long wait .. (they hope you die first ..problem solved)

    Having yelled the above with you. I found Women Doctor’s are better at understanding. I went through several male doctors telling me I didn’t have any thing wrong .. to finding a good doctor who found out auto immune hasimoto thyroid disease.. other docs blew me off cause they thought I just needed to diet…!!!

    Now having said “she” found it..I have since changed doctors back to a young male 🙂 doctor with my history in hand. Made all the difference. (oh female doctor got divorced and went crazy..No joke) Being ten years in I am still not under control and meds are up and down…but I have a starting point. This disease could have been hidden since I was a young girl and why things have happened…took the right doctor bottom line.

    I hope you are doing well and if there is anything I can do for you I am here xoxo dar

  2. I don’t go to the doctor because I do not have insurance, not unless I have to go. But, I feel your pain. Many moons ago, nearly 30 years to be exact, I visited 4-5 male doctors. Some I visited because I needed medical attention (stomach…back…eye infection), and one visit was an annual checkup. Not one of them listened to my list of issues. I was at the end of my rope. Feeling rather stupid, rather put off. The last time I had the shrugged off feeling I switched to a female doctor and was shocked at her instant assessment of my list of issues. She saw a medical problem and she was going to thoroughly test. It was not life-threatening, but she saw it as important enough to evaluate and treat. She, by the way, had hit the easy diagnosis on the head. I am not sure about comparing male vs. female doctors, I think it is more the case of how much the doctor still cares for his/her patients despite their busyness and stress level. My husband’s doctor is male, and he doesn’t let even the tiniest of complaints float through his fingers. He seems laid back, would rather talk about his Harley rides, and talks about himself being overweight, but he has a trigger finger when he hears a complaint or comment. In my opinion, the doctor either cares, does his/her job, or we don’t need to spend our money there again.

  3. I feel your pain. After years of searching, I am with a female NP whom I adore…she listens. I am frightened to see what is going to happen in the future, though.

  4. I sure do!! Matter of fact I have been dealing with doctors and a problem for the past 16 months! Its a mess. Now I begin all the series of tests that they did last year all over again starting next week. And one of the so called *specialists* basically said there is NOTHING wrong with me and pretty much blew me off..! Im mad and IDC what they think, there is something wrong..has been.
    but anyway…

    yeah I feel your pain…

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