The Old Eyesore

When my Captain sets his mind to something he won’t rest until he’s completed the task, even if it takes three weeks and numerous obstacles to overcome. Which is the case when we decided to move this old storage trailer. It was rather an old eyesore up next to the house, but very handy for storage.

It had been there so long that trees had began to grow up around it and it had settled so much that the frame was almost sitting on the ground. Actually, I think the tongue was sitting on the ground. That was a major obstacle to overcome (getting the tongue off the ground and raising it high enough to get the hitch under it). We broke two jacks just trying to get it high enough to get the hitch under there.

So anyway, we had to get it from here (on one side of the house)……

Down the drive way…..

Through the gate…..

To its permanent home, here beside the horse shelter we built last year onto the backside of the little red shed……

It sat right next to the pool. You know…..where we are supposed to float around and relax. It was grown up and leaning to one side and well……just not very relaxing to view while you float. When taking pictures for my Backyard Series, I either made sure that the storage trailer was not in the pictures or I cropped it out once I downloaded the pictures to the computer.

When we began preparing the spot for the pool back in the spring I posted this picture…..

But in the picture that I posted, I cropped out the old eyesore.

In this picture you can see how close the old eyesore was to the pool, how grown up it was with “stuff” sitting all around and also how close it was to the ground, due to settling.

Here it sits at its permanent home….

Still an eyesore, but not beside the pool or near the house and when the leaves are full I can barely see it from the house.

Our next chore?

Painting it red to match the little red building it sits beside. Maybe then it’ll blend in a little better instead of that white that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Anyone want to volunteer?

Happy Tuesday!



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