2012 Garden Report 8

Time for another garden report.

Keeping up with the garden this year has been a challenge.

We have cantelope and watermelon. Not a lot but I am thankful for what I have.

My green beans haven’t done as well as last year.

We’ve had a few sweet banana peppers

Remember the new way I was tying up my tomatoes? It has worked really well.

You just have to watch them and make sure they are staying within their stringed areas. I am just beginning to get tomatoes and I cannot let them ripen on the vine because the birds keep pecking holes in them. Grrrr…..

The tommytoes are out doing themself. I only have two plants, but boy are they producing.

And lastly, so far the corn is doing well. It’s not very tall because we went for long periods of time with no rain and you know how much better the garden does when God sends down his vitamin fortified rain.

Now I am headed out to the corn patch to pick the corn that is ready before those crows that have been hanging around decide that I planted a corn patch just for them.

Happy Monday!



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