Update Snippet

Hey y’all!

It’s Saturday morning and I thought I’d just pop in to say HELLO!

I miss you guys bunches. I miss you stopping in to see what I’ve been up to and I miss checking in on you. For the last three weeks I have been working 55 to 60 hours per week and while I love the paychecks I really miss my down time of which there is very little.  Most of the overtime is mandatory work time but some of it I have volunteered for. And I am not complaining because after being off work for 3 years the money is SOOO needed. I am very thankful to have this job even if it is not in the industry I studied for. I know that eventually I will get my foot in the door in the IT industry so I will wait patiently and jump at the opportunity when it arrives.

God has been good to us through this. Even though we have raked and scraped and my poor husband has worked himself to death, we have made it this far and I have faith that God will not let us down.

One of my biggest challenges right now is getting my youngest to football practice and back home each day and I am SO thankful that my Mother and Father-in-law are available to help with that.

Another challenge is just keeping up with the daily things around the house; washing, cleaning, cooking, feeding critters….. my poor neglected house is a mess. But today, after writing this post, my focus will be on getting this house back in shape.

I worked 9 days straight, then off on July 4, and then nine days again until today. I am so happy to have a full weekend with no interruptions.

And speaking of interruptions: at 12am on Monday, July 2, our power went off. It came back on at 5am, just as it was beginning to get too warm to sleep. I was up at 5:30am to get the day started only there was no water (we live in the country so we have well water). I spent 45 min. trying to get it back on with no luck. The Captain was up at 6:30am to get his day started and within 5 min he had the water on. ****sigh**** “now why couldn’t it have been that easy for me?”

That’s not the end of the story……after working all day, I came home and began to prepare the evening meal and discovered the kitchen sink was clogged. We worked with that all evening to no evail so at 9:30 I found something quick with little mess for us to eat then off to bed. We finally got it unclogged on Tues., July 3rd.

There is always something out of the ordinary going on around here whether planned or unplanned. Just when I think I will get to enjoy a little down time fate has a way of changing those plans.****sigh****

But I will not be discouraged and I will not lose faith. God is good and I am so very thankful that I know I can trust him to provide our needs however small they may be.

I must go and get busy on this house and a certain spider that will be getting up close and personal with my vacuum cleaner because no matter how many times I knock down his web he builds it again. Only bigger. Grrrrr….

And I must have it all done by about 4pm because a few of my girlfriends (including my daughter) and I have planned a girls night out. TONIGHT!!! And I have to be ready by 5pm. I can’t wait! I soooo need this time with my friends to chat and laugh and just relax with no worries. It has been far too long since I’ve let my hair down and gone out with no responsibility other than getting myself there and back safely.

Woo hooooooo….I am excited!!!

Until next time…..take care of yourself, trust in God and tell someone how much they mean to you.

Happy Saturday!



4 comments on “Update Snippet

  1. I hear you … always something… HAPPY too you have a good job 🙂 I lost my garden again so I give up. No fruit this year no garden….very strange.

    I been singing that old song
    I get knocked down but I get back up…all week

  2. I am so happy you were able to check in, Becky! Your Faith is awesome and I am certain it will carry you through. A girl’s night out! WOW!!!! Have a blast! Sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Happy weekend, my friend!

  3. Hi Becky! So good to visit you. You have been very busy. My house is a mess, too, but it is not because I have a good paying job. I’ve been working cleaning out the garage (which is a huge mess), picking berries and writing and my housework has been on the back burner. Hope you had a good night out.

  4. Becky-I’m glad you’re getting to work too! But wow at the hours-no wonder you don’t have time for nothing-I’ve only been working 28 a week and I can’t manage to get hardly anything done LOL! Hang in there-and I’m so thankful me and you and our families have survived!!!

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