2012 Farm Photo 18

I have told you about the little herb gardens I have started. But I also started basil from seed in a flower pot.

It is doing well so far. But with the temps soaring this weekend I hope I can keep them watered.

Speaking of the temps soaring, the industry I am currently working in is HVAC and as the mercury rises so does our call volume. We have been working overtime already to keep up with the demand and I can only imagine how busy we will get starting today with temps expected over 100F.

I have not forgotten the blog or my blog friends and I miss you desperately, but with me working 55 hours per week and trying to keep this farm running I can’t get time to sit and write, much less gather my thoughts.

So don’t give up on Twisted Fencepost, I will be posting when I can, although it may be sporadic, I will be posting! Stay cool out there, we will see relief eventually.

Happy Friday!



3 comments on “2012 Farm Photo 18

  1. that is a good situation to be in, working overtime, may not be the job you were trained for or want but there are a lot of folks out there just looking for any work. I planted a small crepe myrtle last fall, nothing came back this spring so thought it died and pulled back the mulch to make a hole for another plant but saw a small white bud so covered it back up, now sticking out green about quarter inch so might bounce back yet. Keep us posted and cool in the pool when you have time.

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