2012 Backyard 5

Last week I posted pics of my new back yard. We’ve made another change over the weekend.

In April I posted this image of the backyard.

Notice those cedar trees to the left of my garden shed. They were growing along the fence line, planted there by Mother Nature and are taller than I am. My herb garden is growning just inside the fence also to the left side of the garden shed. The cedar trees were shading my herb garden and blocking my view of the pasture. At times, I knew my horses were there just across the fence because I could hear them but those trees kept me from observing them as they grazed.

My Captain had been hinting for a good while that he’d like to take those trees out, but I insisted that I liked the privacy that they provided in my yard. But then they grew tall and blocked our view and shaded my herbs so I agreed to let the Captain and Boo take them out. Normally, I am against cutting trees here on the farm, but cedar trees will take over the pasture if we don’t keep them under control.

So, thirty-seven trees later this is my view…..

They weren’t all in this area the picture was taken, many of them were along the fence further to the left. I am enjoying how it opens everything back up so I can see across the pasture.

Loving the view!

Happy Wedensday!




4 comments on “2012 Backyard 5

  1. I hate cutting down trees, too. But they have a habit of popping up where you don’t want them. We have a black walnut tree growing right beside of my blackberries. It is going to have to come down, I wish I could save it, but I’m sure I won’t be able to get a big enough piece of the root for it to live. And, we have little maple trees popping up everywhere and various others. Now if we wanted one to grow, it wouldn’t. ;o)

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