On One Hand

WARNING:  Again today, I’ll be talking about that snake that I keep “finding”, so if you want to skip today’s post, I’ll understand.

Last week, I told you about the black rat snake that I found hiding under a boat.  And then I told you about the spring projects taking place around here. Now to tell you the rest of the story.

About 50 feet from the little red shed is where I first encountered the 6′ black snake. First I must tell you that in order to enter the equipment room you walk through the door to the little red shed. And visa versa to exit once the garage door is closed. While moving items from the room built onto the side of the little red shed I was observing the mess inside the little red shed caused by the ongoing renovations. And I noticed this in the upper right corner of the shed……

Yea, a little unsettling. But we continued to go about out work all the while keeping an eye on that thing in the corner.

A little later I noticed this….

That is one big snake!

I know there are bigger snakes elsewhere, like the jungles of South America or the zoo, but still……

I don’t like the idea that this thing is living where I store my stuff.

So anyway, knowing that where there is one, there are usually two. So Boo and I kept looking until we found the “other” one. We only found the tail, but it was there none the less.

(Sorry about the image quality! I went to get my other lens for the rabbit and when I returned the “tail” was gone.)

Eventually, as we continued to observe the room, we found another snake shed. This one was from head….



The thing is that the evening before this Boo and I were in that building moving boxes in the corner below where we found the snake. And I know those snake sheds weren’t there then. So either those snakes slithered in sometime during the night or they were in there when Boo and I were in there. And that really gives me the creeps!

I don’t know for sure if it is the same two snakes, but we have been seeing black rat snakes here on a regular basis for the past couple of weeks. I’ve heard people say that the snake problem would be worse this year due to the mild winter.

While I was mowing the yard I watched one slither across the yard and driveway. A little later while working on the new room beside the little red shed the Captain had a close encounter with one of them which left him creeped out. One has been seen on two different occasions near our pool. And on Sunday I went to the little red shed in search of something, I heard something move then witnessed one of them moving about my things. What I went to search for is still there because I wasn’t about to have a close encounter of my own.

The Captain is threatening to set off smoke bombs in there and I’ve heard of putting moth balls about to repel them. I’ve not had this problem before so whatever it takes I have got to get those snakes out of my building. On one hand I know where they are and I know to watch for them. But on the other if I run them out I don’t know where to watch for them.

Have any of you ran across this problem? If so, what did you do? What ways have you heard of to get rid of them?

Happy Tuesday!



6 comments on “On One Hand

  1. (hahaha at Jen) Wow those are huge black snakes. I hate them, and hate is such a strong word…but hate hate hate them. I did not know they traveled in pairs! Big black snakes around here get chased off by my mean mama Mockingbird..I love her so for that reason. However with the large ponds….the water mocs don’t even get a chance we shoot on site…they are huge and very aggessive, they have come out after me while I was just walking…or fishing.
    I have tried the moth balls before…they stink to high heaven and didn’t repell a snake I have covered in them….LOL They do not like lime … but you just have to keep applying it after the rain… it burns them when they crawl over it.

    My sister had two snakes fighting in her garden and the king black spotted snake (non poision) swallowed the bad rattle snake whole…. unbelievable… I think she now pets that black snake for doing that….

  2. I wouldn’t want to run into those snakes either! They are huge, glad you saw them before they saw you!

  3. Wow!! I didn’t realize they come in twos either! We haven’t seen one that big (thankfully) since we killed the one at the lake. I’ve heard of moth balls. I’ve also heard that they are illegal to use to repel snakes. Not sure why and I haven’t researched to figure out if it’s true or not!!

  4. Yikes-or double yikes in this case!!! I’ve heard the mothball thing-but like Dar said-I’ve heard it doesn’t really work. I’ve also heard more snakes are out and about this year-because of our warm winter-their schedule is all messed up.

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