Spring Projects

We have been doing a little renovating to our outbuildings this spring. And as you know, sometimes you must finish one thing before another can be started.

On the opposite side of my gardens stands my little red shed. You can see it on the right of this picture. It’s not really little, but I dubbed it the little red shed anyway. All of the sheds here on the farm have a name so everyone knows which one we are talking about.

It’s our storage shed for hiliday decorations and other things that have no place in the house. The backside of it is where we built the shelter for our horses.

To the side of the little red shed we added another room to park our lawn equipment. Here is  the work in progress.

The concrete was already there we just needed to add the sides, roof and garage door. Here it is complete except for some paint and a little clean up left to do. It looks crooked because it was built in lean to style to allow water to drain.

But before we could add the lawn equipment we had another project to finish and we needed to store things in there until it was complete.

The floor of the “tractor shed’ which is really the Captain’s shop was originally made of plywood and after years of parking ATV’s, lawn mowers and such the floor had become unstable. I came up with the bright idea of removing everything from the floor, ripping out the floor and pouring concrete to replace the worn out flooring.

The concrete was still pretty wet in the above picture and had not been “finished” yet. It has to start setting up before you can actually smooth it out. It actually took overnight to set up. And sometime during the night a critter decided they’d like to explore and stepped inside onto the wet concrete. And abruptly sank about 3 inches.

Looks like they changed their mind because there was only one foot print. 😆

Once everything is moved back into the tractor shed the lawn equipment will be parked in the new room by the little red shed. Then we’ll move on to the next project. A project in which I have already started. I am moving the pool to its permanent location. Where I had it was too close to the pecan trees and it wasn’t level. Hopefully it will be finished by the weekend and we can set up the pool and begin filling it.

We have been busy around here and I started a new job this week. Yay!

Things won’t get accomplished as quickly around here now that I am back to work.  But they will get done with goals and teamwork and maybe we’ll get to have a little fun, too, now that we will have that extra income.

Happy Thursday!



11 comments on “Spring Projects

  1. First of all…A JOB!!!!!! I am so very happy for you, Becky. I know that has been such a burden on you. Wow! Now…on to the other things..will you come to my house and fix this place up? I will teach you to decorate cakes and I will feed you?

  2. that is a big critter…Ya’ll have been busy and yes we too name our places… our lil different pods…who am I kidding everything out here has a name… some names make people scatch their heads… old school, new school and don’t forget the cajun school 🙂

    • Dar, I like your idea of a theme for the “pods”. I’ll have to think about that one and get a theme going here. Do you think I’ll confuse everyone if I rename everything? LoL

    • Karen Deborah, we still have several more projects to complete. They are waiting in limbo for plans to be made. Deer? Straw bales? Not sure what you are referring to.

  3. You started a NEW job!!!!!!! Can I say that again, a NEW job! I am dancing for you! It looks like you have been busy at home too with spring projects. We need to get busy with projects too, very, very soon. Enjoy!

  4. First off, yay on the new job!!! I know when I was off work for 9 months and went back to work, I was EXHAUSTED for the first couple of weeks. Gotta get back in the groove of things!

    I think it’s funny that you caught a critter trying to get in! At least s/he realized it was a bad idea!

    Was the concrete for that size expensive? Did you guys do it yourself? We’ve been talking about doing a concrete walkway at the lake but I have no idea on what cost is for that sort of thing!!

  5. Y’all are keeping real busy! But, it’s that time of year. I like what you’ve done with it! I need to be out there working on my chicken coop, but it’s so hot right now. Congrats on the new job!

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