Mom’s Creations

I lost my Mother 6 years ago this month and some days I miss her so much.

She was a prim and proper lady. She had rules that she followed. Things like you only wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day. After that they were taboo. We butted heads on that one often because I LOVED my white painter’s pants. Remember those? How many of you had white painter’s pants that you wore till they were threadbare?

I have told you before of how I taught her to crochet. It was not an easy task because she was left handed and I was right handed. But it gave her a lifetime to create.

And now I run across those pieces that she spent so many hours creating while she watched her “stories” (soap operas) as she called them.

Different colors. Although the white out numbers the other colors by a landslide.

Different shapes. Mostly granny square though.

Piles of them that she crocheted and never made anything with.

These are probably 15 years old because she made them before she lost her sight. Still in the plastic bags she packed them in and still in as good of condition as when she first made them.

I preferred to crochet with yarn. She preferred crochet thread.

Still I am left with all of these. And I want to do something with them, I just don’t know what.

I thought about a Christmas tree skirt, but most of them are square.

And most of them are 2 to 3 inches in diameter.

What would you do with them?

Team Fencepost, give me some ideas!

Happy Tuesday!



11 comments on “Mom’s Creations

  1. Can the pieces be sewn onto quilt fabric? A patchwork type of quilt (or pillows made from the quilted fabric, trimmed with crocheted pieces). Every 8 or 10 “patches” could have the crocheted piece sewn in.

    By the way, I skipped on your last post. Thanks for the warning!! 🙂

  2. I nearly forgot, I loved white painter’s pants too. I never owned a pair. My mom, prim and proper too. I miss it. My mother was always trying to get me to be more girly. Something I was not. Perms, more make up.

    • Mary, I had a couple of pairs of them and wore them completely out. I did love my blue jeans just as much though.
      Mom would have preferred I had been more girly and less tomboyish but it just didn’t happen that way. I was happier sitting in a tree than playing with Barbie dolls. LOL

  3. Can you piece them together into a large square and have it framed? ( I read your crock pot bean info yesterday…thanks!)

    • Me, too, BlackberryWinterGirl! Maybe so, or maybe pillows and frame if there’s not enough for a whole quilt.
      Each time I hold one of the things that she made I can see her smiling face. It’s a nice feeling that doesn’t bring tears, only happy memories. And those are the best kind!

  4. I like Mary’s idea of a quilt-but whatever you do with them-I’m just so so glad you have them-and the memories too : )

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