WARNING: If you do not care to read about snakes, please move on and come back tomorrow when I will be talking about Mom’s Creations.

Recently, the Captain asked me to go out and take some pictures of a boat and send them to his cell phone so he could show them to someone else. Little did I know the surprise that awaited me under that boat.

It was an old John boat that needed some repairs and the person, who had an aluminum welder, was interested in buying it to repair.

So being the “good wife” that I am (LOL) I headed out with my cell phone to take pictures for him. Knowing that critters like to hide under things outside I carefully picked up the side of the boat and flipped it over. The grass that was growing underneath was very light in color from lack of sun and that made it very easy to notice the snake that was taking refuge under there.

I kept a very close eye on the snake while I snapped pictures with my cell phone and then trekked back into the house for “the rabbit” so I could get better pictures of the snake.

Yea, I’m daring like that. 🙄

Here he is before he noticed me.

Then he noticed me. 😯

Snakes are more aggressive this time of year for two reasons. One they are hungry after hibernating all winter. And two because they are usually shedding. Which means they have a film over their eyes and don’t see well.

He began moving toward me making more than a little uneasy.

Did you know that snakes smell with their tongue?

So I snapped a few more pictures and retreated to the house.

And watching over my shoulder as I crossed the yard making sure that he was not following me.

Yea, it made me that uncomfortable. Have I mentioned that I don’t like snakes? Of any kind?

Black rat snakes are mostly harmless to humans, they are not venomous and they help keep the rat/mouse population at bay. If you live in the country you know that the rodent population can become a problem if not kept in check.

I was not inclined to put an end to this snake’s life, but even if I were, I’m not sure I would have attempted to kill this one. He was about 6′ long and already showing aggression by moving toward me. I was definitely intimidated.

But this is not the end of the story. There is more, stay tuned and I’ll tell you where I ran across him again.

If you follow me on Facebook and you caught my status update on Saturday then you already know where the next incident occurred.

Happy Monday!



9 comments on “Retreat!

  1. For you not liking snakes you sure got some great pictures… rabbit rabbit rabbit… my goodness you are brave! I had a black snake get after me….they are super fast I cleared about 3 acres in 5.3 seconds… 🙂

    • Dar, are you sure that wasn’t a black racer chasing you? I’ve heard they are super fast and they will chase people. Regardless of which kind it was I would have been right there beside you. Being chased by a snake is worse than being chased by a cow. And as you know I’ve had my share of being chased by cows. LOL

    • BlackberryWinterGirl, he wasn’t close enough to “get” me, but if he had been I would have had a coronary right there where I stood. LOL
      Spiders are worse than snakes! Especially the ones that jump!! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww…..

    • Rick, I’m not really scared of snakes, but I am scared of getting bitten by one. As long as I know where they are I am fine and can make sure the distance between us is far enough for comfort. It’s when I discover one that’s too close for comfort that gets my heart beating double time. LOL

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