Today – April 2012

Two of my sweet friends just recently lost their father, Janet and Shirley and their cousin Vera lost an Uncle.

Missing my Dad the way I do, I can definitely sympathsize with them and all of those who loved him.

Love and prayers for you my friends!

This afternoon I have a job interview. This is a local, very reputable company with high standards. The application asks for very personal information and they do a thorough investigation of you and your family’s background.

Quite a lot of companies require that you do an assessment before they will consider your application. The assessment for this company was quite intensive and probably the hardest I have completed to date. It took atleast 2 hours for me to complete.

For me to get this far in the hiring process means that I have passed all of the above requirements.

Wish me luck! And if you are the praying kind, like me, please put in a prayer for me today.

My family has endured a long hard road to help me get to this day.

I not only want this job, but even more importantly, I need this job.

I am hoping that this will be our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Happy Tuesday!



12 comments on “Today – April 2012

  1. Becky, you do have my prayers. God prunes, and it hurts, He makes us wait and it is not easy. He has a plan. We have our faith. It matters. Love you.

    I am sorry about your friend’s loss. My mother passed away 26 years ago. It gets easier as time goes by, then sometimes as something as simple as a smell, weather, or even the memory of her laughter, brings back a bit of pain. Our loved ones will always be missed.

    • Thank you, Mary! And….love you, too!!
      Dealing with the loss does get easier with time, but I agree with you that there are times when a very small reminder will bring about some big emotions.

  2. Thank you Becky. I will be praying for you concerning the job that you are applying for. I am sure that if it is God’s will for you, you will get it. God loves you, and His Word says that He wants His children to prosper. God bless you.

  3. Becky, I am so sorry for the loss in your friends’ lives. Mary’s analogy is beautiful and so very true. I am praying for you in your job interview. Continued Blessings.

  4. I’m so sorry for your friend’s loss. And your loss as well. Sometimes I think this is the best years of my life because all my friends & family are young. I can’t imagine starting to lose the ones close to me.

    I will definitely send up a little prayer for you on the job! Keep us updated on what you hear!! Is this a full time or part time job?

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