The Bolt

I cannot stress how much the two items in this picture define ME in the spring, summer and fall of each year. Those of you who stop in here regularly know that I love to grow things and the tomato plants are no surprise to you. But that other thing. It’s a shaft and housing for our riding lawnmower.

Basically, it’s the thing that holds the blade in place and allows the blade to rotate, cutting the grass at a dangerous rate of speed.

Those close to me know just how unlucky I am with lawn equipment. No matter how careful I am to not hit anything sticking out of the ground I still “break” the mowers. Atleast I get the blame for it (even though I am not the only one who uses the equipment). But one thing is for sure if it is gonna break, it will break while I am using it. 🙄

My Captain and Boo either fix it or my son-in-law gets the job. But I thank God for them because if it weren’t for them knowing how to fix lawnmowers, my grass would never get cut.

Because of the ill fortune that plagues me I will not ask to borrow lawn equipment.

This last time, which was last week, the bolt that holds the blade in place, broke and left the blade and the washer that goes on the bolt lying on the ground. Haulting my mowing for the day and leaving me wondering what just happened.

Yeah…that bolt.

Right now as I write this the guys are off to the local lawn equipment parts store to retrieve another part that was found in not such good shape as they attempted to repair the above broken bolt.

So once again that lawnmower will be repaired and I will be merrily mowing my yard again.

That is until the next part decides to break, fall off, go flat or whatever else can go wrong with a lawnmower.

Sometimes I wonder if I am being framed!

Happy Monday!



8 comments on “The Bolt

  1. I bet you are being framed! They know something is about to go wrong so they don’t touch it til it breaks on you! LOL

  2. I cannot see the photos. My signal is too slow tonight. Can you believe it? I can!

    I often feel like I am being framed when it is time to mow. I love to mow. Enjoy it like crazy. But the mower does not like me. It waits for me with it’s problems.

    The best day ever? Don’t forget!

    • I love to mow, too, Mary. But I get so exasperated when something breaks that I swear I will never mow another blade of grass. Then when I get over the frustration I get jonesing to mow again. LOL

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