Here’s To Positive Thinking

It’s here! Let the trumpets sound!

At exactly 1:14 am (eastern time) the vernal equinox arrived. And did you know that the word equinox is derived from the Latin for equal night? Meaning that on this day the “day” and “night” are both approximately 12 hours long.

We’ve never really had a winter this year so it’s kinda felt like spring all winter. You won’t hear me complaining. I don’t like the cold. But you might hear some complaints this summer when the bugs take over my garden.

I have been fighting spring fever for weeks now and I am ready to get planting. Even though it is ” spring” it is still technically early for planting and I am leary of planting my tender young sprouts. I will battle the fever a little longer.

Every summer I battle with obstacles that arise. Things like bugs, drought and wind. And every Fall I swear I will not plant another garden. By the time Spring arrives the obstacles are a mere faded memory and I can’t wait to get started.

Growing a garden in the south amongst this soil called “blackjack” is a challenge. A challenge that in the Fall I swear I will not take come Spring. And also a challenge that come Spring I cannot wait to attempt.

Spring is about all things new. A new beginning. A fresh start. And each year I have high hopes that this will be the year that I will arise and conquor; the bugs, the wind, the drought, the blackjack and all things that stand in the way of a successful garden.

So here’s to Spring 2012, the year I will arise and conquor!

And here’s to positive thinking!

Happy Tuesday!

Happy First Day of Spring 2012!!



4 comments on “Here’s To Positive Thinking

  1. Yay, for your positive attitude gonna try it … right after this comment…LOL I am soooo scared about hurricane season because of no winter here either the Gulf is already 80 degrees…

    Okay Yay gonna be a lovely day 🙂

  2. Yep, I’m with you and will be trying to grow a garden again. Our problem is that we have very cool summers, so it’s really hard to get anything to mature and not get bloom rot from the damp. I have a plan for my zuchinni plants this year!

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