2012 Garden Report 1

Since is seems that the garden season is starting early this year, I guess the weekly garden report will, too. We may make it bi-weekly until the season gets in full swing.

Not a whole lot to talk about right now. The garden has had it’s first official till, but will be tilled again before planting tiime. The sprouts are doing well in the window sill. Well, except for the ones that cat dumped out before he was hit with water from the spray bottle. You know, the one that says, ” GET DOWN FROM THERE!” He hasn’t been back up there since (that I know of). A good squirt bottle is a necessity around here for more reasons than one.

Outside the herb garden is going well. In the picture below…..the plant in the front is oregano.

Behind it to the left is thyme and to the right is chives. The plant in the very back I thought might be flat leaf parsley, it turns out it is just weeds and has since been removed.

The garlic is doing well considering it was planted over a year ago, before I realized it should be planted in the fall and harvested the following summer (remember this is my first experience with garlic). I will be harvesting it this summer and saving some of it to plant in the fall.

So how is your garden growing?

Happy Monday!



6 comments on “2012 Garden Report 1

  1. Looks great, Becky! I’m still holding out. Even though it’s 80 here today, we are normally still covered in snow right now. I keep expecting it to change drastically at any time, but it really seems like nice weather is here to stay. Still, I’ll probably hold out until mid or late April before I start planting.
    Your herbs look wonderful. Don’t you just love fresh herbs?

  2. okay so it likes this one… I haven’t done anything but till mine so far…well pop did. You are way ahead of me and LOVE the herb garden.. YOU have a green hand!!!

  3. We have tilled our garden, too. The only thing we have planted are onions. Oh, and I did plant some milkweed seeds that I saved from last year. I hope they come up, I want to have lots of monarchs this year.

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