2012 Connections March

I find some of the neatest things on the internet. I have decided that I would not be a good friend to you if I did not share.

Most of you know about the copywright controversy that is following Pinterest. I became addicted to Pinterest and had to reign myself in. But I love that site. I have found great how-tos, decorating and garden ideas, recipes, I sure hope it isn’t shut down. I deleted all of my boards and following the links to the original postings I began bookmarking them. Then I got to thinking what if my computer crashes, I will lose all of those collected web addresses. So the next best thing is to have a back up here at Twisted Fencepost where I can also share them with you. The links are not just from Pinterest, but from all over the information highway. For now I’ll just share monthly and only a few at a time.

Seriously? Grape juice for a stomach flu?  Why hasn’t someone told me this before?

Just today from one of my favorite online friends is a posted tutorial on how to make a ring from a quarter. I just love this idea and when I get finished sharing with you I’m on the hunt for the perfect quarter.

These are adorable and perfect for an outside table of any kind. Once I’m finished with the quarter I’ll be hunting river rock.

I know a few girls who would love these. They would make a great gift in favorite colors or maybe even school colors.

My youngest son has been after me to make these. Favorite and school colors would apply here, too.

Okay, I think five shares is enough for now. , I do hope you’ll find something that interests you.

Happy Saturday!



6 comments on “2012 Connections March

  1. The Pinterest thing, I am on the fence with it. I thought about going into my account and deleting anything that I pinned that I didn’t know where the original link came from, but then I realized I never did change the link on any of the items when I re-pinned. I gave the credit where credit was due, but who knows if the poster that I pinned from did the same thing? I am not sure how much of a leg Pinterest has to stand on, yet, I don’t want to be the one who gets sued someday.

    On a less confusing note, it is Sunday, just sprung forward with the time, and I am sitting in the dark. Ha ha ha. Have a good day, Becky.

  2. Whew! I have avoided the Pinterest thing b/c I am too afraid to start something that seems so time consuming. Of course, I said the same thing about Facebook…. 🙂
    Stevie @ ruffledfeathersandspilledmilk.com

  3. I hadn’t signed up for pinterest and now reading what everybody is saying. Kinda of glad I didn’t. Great post and clicking away 🙂

  4. Great links-thank you for the shout out 🙂

    I haven’t joined Pinterest-just cause I don’t have time-but I love creeping on other folks pins-and have found some great recipes that way 🙂

  5. I have a tablet and a pen by my computer. When I visit pinterest, I just jot down what I like and think I might try making one day. I do not have any boards…..hope all is going well for you. Seeing signs of Spring? What about your pecan trees???

  6. Never really did the pinterest thing. Thought it was neat, but just didn’t have the time to get into it. But I agree with what you said about your computer crashing. I have tons of bookmarks that’d be lost if my computer crashed.

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