2012 Farm Photo 7

The peach trees….

they are….


This can’t be good. It’s too early.

And I know if my peaches are blooming the local peach orchards are blooming. If we have another freeze there won’t be many peaches this year.

And that’s not good!

Happy Friday!

TFP 🙂 


7 comments on “2012 Farm Photo 7

  1. I so agree! My trees are blooming too. If I get as many plums as there are blooms it’s goinig to be a plum ing good year. But March comes roaring in and so afrair we are going to lose all the fruits. My azaleas are blooming too early too. They will get torn up with the rain due tonigh!

  2. Oh no! We don’t have any peach trees, but we do have a pear tree that likes to bloom early. Hope it holds them in. Woke up to about an inch of snow on the ground today.

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