How About You?

The time draws near…..

Summer Squash



I don’t know about you but I’m ready to start digging.

Happy Tuesday!

TFP 😉 


8 comments on “How About You?

  1. I have been checking out the things we planted last year, the apple trees for one. They look to have tiny new buds appearing. And the spring bulbs are starting to peek through. Spring is sprunging soon! 🙂

  2. I am definitely ready!! It’s going to be a challenge this year to find a garden spot but I’m ready for fresh tomatoes! My flowers are starting to pop up so I need to start maintenance on them (the weeds were crazy last year!!) and I cleared some brush from our woods. Very ready to be able to work outside!!

  3. Becky, you’re pictures are always so great! And Y-E-S! I am ready! Although I am fearing that this year’s softball schedule is going to make it tough for me to get out and work in the garden much. 😦

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