2012 Farm Photo 6

A couple of weeks ago I was driving home when a rainbow came into view. I hurried home, jumped out of the truck and headed inside to get “the rabbit” and I noticed it was starting to fade. As I ran through the house I was pleading for it not to fade away before I could get pictures.

When I made it back outside with “the rabbit” it had returned just as vivid as before and stayed until I could capture it’s beauty for eternity.


If you’ve been visiting Twisted Fencepost for long then you know that I JUST LOVE RAINBOWS!!!

Happy Friday!

TFP 🙂 


6 comments on “2012 Farm Photo 6

  1. I love rainbows too, I believe in the signs behind them too. I snapped one a month ago on a very hard day… a double one right above my shed house. I know it was a sign from Jesus and my Mom …letting me know it’s gonna be okay….

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