More Than Just a Color

I”m guessing you’ve been wondering where I have been since I’ve only been posting on Farm Photo Friday.

Or maybe not. tee hee

Since completing my classes I have been steadily combing the job boards for employment, without much luck. I do have my resume listed on a few of those employment sites and this week I received a call about a job close to home. I went for the initial interview with the recruiter and I am waiting to hear if his team leader thinks I will be qualified for the position he contacted me about.

The suspense is killing me!

I have received several rejection letters and let me tell you that has not been beneficial to my mood. **sniff**

So in order to get away from the depressed mood I was getting myself in I decided to paint my kitchen.

My kitchen hadn’t been painted in years and really needed to be “refreshed”. About a year and a half ago I painted it white as a primer to get it ready for a fresh new coat. The problem was I couldn’t decide on which color to paint it and the white was driving me insane. White is too plain for me, I needed color and I decided on blue, but then couldn’t decided which shade. I tried a sky blue color on one wall and soon realized that was not the color I was looking for.

I decided I needed something to get my spirits lifted and keep my mind from wandering back to the fact that I haven’t found work yet, so I got to work on picking out a color for the kitchen and settled on a darker blue/gray color called “sliver blueberry”.

Right at this present time my kitchen is three colors; white, sky blue and silver blueberry.

And let me tell you I am loving this new blue shade(below). It blends so well with the black refrigerator and black cast iron accessories that I have in my kitchen. And it also blends well with the silver/gray things I have like the stainless steel dishwasher and switch/outlet covers.

Why did it take me this long to realize that a bluegray color is what I needed? 🙄

Maybe as soon as I have finished the painting my life will have a little less turmoil because of that white kitchen that was driving me insane. LOL

It really proves that it’s the simple things that bring the most satisfaction. It gave me a break and has really helped lift my spirits. Now I’m ready to hit the job boards again. That is unless I get a call this afternoon with a request for a second interview. That would get me to the top of the wall and ready to soar if in fact I get that job.

We all know God is in control. Maybe it was he that kept me from deciding just which color I needed until I needed more than just a color.

So if you are down in the dumps, a little depressed or frustrated….

go paint a room!

It has done wonders for me!!!

Happy Wednesday!



6 comments on “More Than Just a Color

  1. What a great color and the name of it makes me smile, too! I agree with being able to lift ones spirit by painting a works for me as well! Praying for a job soon, Becky. Good luck!

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