Anyone Care To Step Up?

It’s soapbox time!

I am more than a little irate at a nationwide pest control service. I only use this type of service when there is no other choice and believe me when I say that now I wish there had been another choice.

It all started back in June when the company overcharged my credit card by $49.00. At first I thought I would just let the credit sit there and use it the next time I required their services. But by September I realized because I hadn’t found a job yet I would not have money to pay the difference for a service.

So I decided to go ahead and get that refunded before it got “misplaced”. I was too late. When I called the company they showed a zero balance. So I had to prove to them that they had overcharged my credit card. Which I did. I was told I would received a refund immediately. That was four months ago.

I have called that company every two weeks since to find out where the refund was. First it was sent, just wait. Then it went to the wrong address and would be remailed. Then they accused someone of taking it from my mailbox. I had to wait for them to run a trace on the check. Then I had to wait for another check to be re-issued. Several times since I’ve had to wait until “friday” for the home office to send it to the local office for delivery to me. Then they finally sent it to me in cash, but only $25 of the $49. GEEZE!!!

That was at the beginning of December. Here it is almost the middle of January and they still have not refunded the remaining $24.

Yea, I’m a little irate.

I have contacted the “home office” and they keep referring me to the “local office”.  The lady at the local office on several occasions has said she needed to check on it and call me back, two weeks later I still had not heard from her. It’s a cat and mouse game that I am tired of playing.

I was very happy with their services when they were performed, but I promise you I will never call on that company again!

Have you ever encountered a problem like this?

If so, what did you do about it?

Okay, I’m stepping down from the soap box. Anyone care to step up?

Not-so-happy-at-the-moment Wednesday!



5 comments on “Anyone Care To Step Up?

  1. Seem Stan and Janet beat me to the punch. Is this a place you can visit in person? If so, I would go down and inform them that if you do not have the remainin money owed by such and sich a date (be specific) that you will be calling the BBB. I imagine that will light a fire under someones booty. Calling the credit card company should be done as well. Good luck!

  2. Do they have a Better Business Bureau in the area this company works out of? If so, call them again and tell them, you are reporting them to the BBB office and it will reflect badly on their company. If that doesn’t work, then report them and chalk this up to a lesson well learned, and never let any company hold a credit for you. Back when we ran our own mail order business, one year we were paying in too much to IRS, our accountant said to remember, pay a little less, put it aside and let it draw interest and then if we need to we will have that extra to pay IRS later, he said why let IRS be using our money for a year and not getting an interest out of it for us.
    Good luck, hope they finally come through.

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