Twisted Fencepost Year in Review 2011

January 2011

The horses get a new shelter just in time, Boo wins his first wrestling match, Zumba has become my new favorite way to get fit, we discover the symbolic meaning of different flowers through the Old Farmer’s Almanac and I send a note to Mother Nature to get spring on its way already.

February 2011

We sing silly songs in the car, we review a list of how to live to be 100 printed in the Old Farmer’s Almanac and the crocus, daffodil and tulips begin to sprout signaling that spring is on its way.

March 2011

I mow the yard for the first time this year and have no equipment problems, which gives me hope that this will be a good year with no equipment complications, someone in the city hacks our electronic signs to warn us of “Zombies Ahead” and my Christmas cactus blooms a little too late.

April 2011

Can you believe I did not publish one post in the month of April?

Me neither!!!!

May 2011

It’s the year of the locust here on the farm and we find that locusts do not like farm equipment as they attack us as we mow, the garden report 2011 begins and I have a secret.

June 2011

I planted the green bean rows too close, so I must reach through to harvest, there are rabbits everywhere this year and I leave a volunteer watermelon plant as a treat for them.

July 2011

Itty bitty fruits and veggies begin to appear, I scare off a bird family that has begun nesting in a birdhouse gourd that I painted, cleaned and hung and I get a surprise one morning out back.

August 2011

I discover sugar snap peas for the first time, we find out that what we thought may be chinese lanter plants are actually ground cherries and my corn patch was destroyed by some invisible culprit.

September 2011

I begin the Uncle C Chronicles by posting stories from the past and I miss getting the photo of the year because I didn’t have the rabbit with me when a beautiful barn owl perched on a branch along the path I was taking.

October 2011

The 2011 garden report ends and a persimmon seed predicts the winter weather for the southeast.

November 2011

Turkey vultures congregate and plan their day, I need a little break and a tornado rips through my town.

December 2011

Our annual fall visitors stop in, I finally graduate and we have a new farm critter.

And today is the last day of 2011.

We want to say THANK YOU to all of you who stop in here for a visit! Your visits and comments mean the world to us.

We hope each of you have a safe, happy and fun New Year’s Eve celebration!

See ya next year!

Happy New Year’s Eve!!



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