New Farm Critter

Look what we found.

Wait, maybe I should say look what found us.

Boo and I were riding around the farm on the golfcart one day when we heard a cat meowing. We located the sound coming from deep under briar patch and sounded as if he might be in pain, trapped or something else.

So Boo and I set out into the briar patch to see if we could help. We soon realized that he was not trapped because as we drew closer the meowing moved. Till he finally ran off completely.

So Boo and I headed off to feed the horses. After feeding Boo went around to the other side of our “tractor shed” and I began cleaning the water trough. While cleaning the trough I began hearing Boo talking. The kitten had came to where Boo was and followed him around talking up a storm.

With a little coaxing we got him near enough to give him a scratch or two. We have no cats here on the farm, well not pet cats anyway. There are several feral cats that lurk in the shadows. I didn’t have any cat food on hand and dog food was all I had to offer. He was happy with that and ate two handfuls as fast as he could chew.

I love his color and his eyes (both orange).

Just look at those eyes…..

Aren’t they gorgeous?!

I knew I didn’t need another mouth to feed but how can anyone say no to that sweet face?

Boo fell for him instantly. He’s never had a cat and this is the first pet he can really say that is his. What better way to teach responsibility than to have a sweet little critter depending on you?

I think he’s around 6 months old. He seems to have been around people because he knew who to ask for food. I don’t know whether he’s escaped from someone or has been set off, but he has a new home now where he’ll be fed and loved. I think he knows that because he seems very content.

So say Hello to our new farm critter…..Boots is his name.

Happy Monday!



8 comments on “New Farm Critter

  1. Boots is a beautiful kitten, judging from the pictures. Thanks for finding him, rescuing him, feeding him and loving him.

  2. Cute kitten. Glad he found a home with you. I read your comment on my blog. The website for the ships is I don’t think there is a schedule up for next year yet. At least there wasn’t the other day.

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