Morning Meeting

Remember the vultures I told you about at a farm not far from me?

Still they gather each morning.

Eventually I’ll get that picture of them lined up along the peak of that building like they were the first time I noticed them.

I have driven by in the afternoon and there wasn’t a vulture in sight.

I’m wondering if they meet in the mornings to plan their day?

Maybe the conversation would be something like this….

Commander Buz: Attention all Turkey Vultures! This meeting will now come to order. Does anyone have any new roadkill to report?

Flapper: I do, Boss. Just before nesting last night I was flying north over the two lane and noticed an object lying in the road. I checked it out this morning and it looks like the serving-size would be 3. Possibly 4.

Commander Buz: Good news! Anyone else?

Clawz: Yea, Boss. While scouting at daybreak this morning I noticed a rather large meal lying in the center of the four lane just east of here. It would probably feed the whole venue.

Commander Buz: Well it looks as if we have all we need. If there are no other reports I’ll call this meeting adjourned. And remember, in this country we are protected so fly free and proud!

Yep, that’s what I imagine their meeting would be like.

How about you?

Did you know that Turkey Buzzards are federally protected? I didn’t until just recently.

I wrote this post before the tornado blew through here and during tornado cleanup last week at a local farm, I was talking to the owner of the farm and the subject of vultures came up. She knows of the farm where I took these pictures and she knows of the daily vulture gatherings. I asked if she knew they were protected. She exclaimed, “Yes, and they should be! They are God’s clean up crew.”

Hmmmm, now I’m wondering if their conversations might be a little different than the above.

Happy Wednesday!




7 comments on “Morning Meeting

  1. How weird. I’m glad they haven’t come to my house…so far, anyway.

    I’d like to invite you over to my blog to participate in December to Remember, Becky. Giveaways twice a week in December! Invite your readers too. The more the merrier 🙂

  2. I did not know they were protected, although it does make sense and I love the way your neighbor defined them..God’s clean up crew!

  3. I sure didn’t know they were protected. They have got a face only a mother could love, if you know what I mean. They have congregated down at the creek in front of our house a few times.

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