Tornado…IN MY TOWN!

I know I said I would be away from here for awhile, which is proving harder than I thought. I really miss all of you!

This post is for those of you who have heard there were tornados in South Carolina and are wondering if my family and I were effected.

Yesterday evening I received a frantic call from my Captain who was on his way home from work, telling me that we had a tornado watch in effect. He had called several times with no answer and he was worried.

According to the weather service there were rotational clouds not far from my house. I went from ignorant bliss to a cautious vigilant state in a matter of seconds. I’ve heard there were tornado sirens blaring, but they are too far away to be heard here on the outskirts of town.

Tornado warnings and watches were not a worry of mine until I moved to the southeast. Now they terrify me. In a matter of seconds your home and everything in it can be gone. Or worse.

My son and I were home going from back door to front door and back again looking at the sky and hoping that the reports were wrong. They were not.

Picture borrowed from Facebook 

Over the years I’ve listened and gathered information about what to look and listen for if there is a tornado in the vicinity.

  • pink skies
  • hail
  • animals acting erratic
  • sound of a freight train
  • wind

Around 5:35pm I watched the sky turn the blackest I’ve ever seen it. As the dark clouds sped toward my house I began to hear the sound of a train.

Mind you, I live near train tracks and everytime we have tornado warnings you can bet there will be a train speeding down the tracks. Drives me nuts trying to figure out if there’s a train or a tornado heading my way.

This time there was no train and those clouds were getting darker by the second. The train was getting louder and just as the darkest clouds cleared the tree line I saw the rotation.

My son and I headed for the smallest room in the house, the bathroom. My phone rang again, my Captain could see the tornado from the opposite side, but couldn’t tell exactly where it was.

I went back to the front door to watch as a full blown tornado went by parallel to my house less than a half mile away and by 5:40pm it was out of sight.

Here we have nowhere to really get out of the a tornado’s path. I won’t say my son and I were terrified, but we were definitely shook up. The adrenaline was pumping at maximum speed. Neither of us had ever seen a tornado before and it was alarming to say the least.

It wasn’t a large tornado, but it was large enough to level houses and flip cars. Most devastating of all there are three dead and several injured because of it. I later heard that it was an F2 with winds of 135 mph.

I have learned several things from this….

Get a weather app for my phone that alerts me when severe weather is in my area. I very seldom have the radio or tv on.

Get prepared. Put on your shoes, grab the most important things…purse, dogs, money, rabbit, etc. Have everything ready to grab and run.

Get off the phone and think. The cell phone was ringing, the house phone was ringing, people kept talking to me and I couldn’t keep my mind on track of what I needed to do for the safety of my son and I. I understand they were worried, but I really needed to get my thoughts together.

Even though we received no damage here, I am thankful that I was home with my son and not on campus in class. I cannot imagine how terrified he would have been to have experienced that alone.

In the near future I will defintely be thinking of what is important at a time like that and where I can find a place here on the farm to dig and build an inground storm shelter. I have always wanted one and this proves that I need one!

What would be the most important things for you to grab and run with? Of course the family and family pets are first and foremost. But what else? Pictures, laptop, food, water? What would you have ready to go?

My heart just hurts for those that were lost, injured, lost their home and/or pets or were otherwise affected by this. My prayers are being said for each and everyone!

You know, I’ve even heard that all of the cows in that area are missing. You know about my history with cows. But if I would find one of those missing cows I couldn’t help but pet it and feed it and hold onto it until I found it’s owner.

Friends make fun of me when I seem to get uneasy and watch the sky constantly when there are tornado warnings. I could care less what they think, if there is a tornado headed my way I want to see it in time to get out of it’s way!

Here is an article and video from our local newspaper.

So just in case you were concerned about us here at Twisted Fencepost, we are fine. But we are with heavy hearts as we think of those in our community who have been affected in any way by the storms that passed through here last evening.

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!



9 comments on “Tornado…IN MY TOWN!

  1. You and your son are certainly blessed. So glad to read that you all are fine. I do hate reading the report of the less fortunate ones though.

  2. Thank you more updating us, Becky. I can not imagine that experience and I am praying for the people affected. I think I would grab my photo albums and computer storage thingy with the rest of my pics. Your Captain must have been so worried for you and your son. If there is anything we can do, just ask, my friend.

  3. I found out from the rescue workers tonight that the dog that was missing was found and all but two cows are now accounted for. There were personal items found miles away. Also one of the neighbors donkeys was also swept up in this and missing. Still praying for the families!!!!

  4. YIKES! I’m so glad you were o.k.! I didn’t hear about the storms coming your way-but I’m still checking in here just in case you do write something 🙂 I miss you too!

  5. It’s so scary! I’ve always been extra cautious of tornado like weather. I am so glad to hear y’all are fine. I was so sorry to hear of those who lost their lives and homes.

    If you do get a storm shelter, please post about it, so I can see how y’all do it. I live in a double-wide and would really like a shelter too!

  6. Wow, that is so scary!!! Thank you for telling us about this so we can stop worrying. It would be hard to stay in a windowless room and not look out to see where the tornado was at.

  7. Somehow I missed reading about the tornado, Becky. I am glad you and your family are safe.

    Things to watch for, definitely hail. The pink skies, sometimes, but green also.

    My husband and I were pulled off the road 7 years ago, while in a work van, after driving through hair. We were not hurt. It just happens so quickly. The thing I remember most is the drop in air pressure. It felt so odd…the feeling in the ears added to the fright.

    Thank goodness these things do not happen often!

  8. Well, I cannot figure out how to edit my comments! They should say, after driving through hail. It was a small tornado that pulled the van off the road. My husband had his foot on the brake pedal, hard. We simply were pulled by mother nature. We crossed 2 lanes of the highway via the tornado, and were pulled off to the emergency lane when we came out.

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