One Last Thought

Before I get started let me say that I have put this post off for a long while, not wanting to put down my proverbial pencil and stop writing. Now is the time to exit, if only temporarily.

As you all know I have been in school for almost 2 years now, not working and trying to put all of my energy into finishing this course in hopes of a better life for my family and I.

Here I am at the end of the tunnel and very close to exiting the darkness and stepping into the light. It has been a long road and my family has suffered financially because of it.

Just as I near the end when things should be looking up, they are not. The stress and financial burdens are at their highest right now. Just putting food on the table is a struggle.

Even though I have worked hard to try to keep this blog a happy place for me to write and you to visit, I think that the stress has spilled over into the content because I have steadily lost visitors over the past year.

Which tells me that I need to quit writing atleast until I have a better outlook. Because right now, it is pretty dim.

For those of you who follow and/or are subscribers, whether you comment on not, I want to apologize for this interruption. I will be back, I just cannot predict when that will be.

I just wanted to explain my absense from this blog before I lay down the pencil. So many times people will lay down their pencil leaving their readers with no explanation. One inparticular subscriber of mine has just stopped posting. She was sick at the time of her last post with nothing particularly life threatening. And at the same time she posted her last YouTube video. It has left me wondering if she’s ok. Did she just tire of writing or has something worse happened? No emails, no answers, just absense.

With that said, I won’t say good-by, but see you later. I will miss you and this blog. Right now it’s just too much for me to continue trying to show happiness when I cannot.

They say money can’t buy happiness. Maybe so, but the lack of it can sure put a damper on peace of mind.

So here I go, with huge regrets, clicking the submit button.



13 comments on “One Last Thought

  1. Will miss you Becky, come back soon, best of luck in your course work and career, hopefully Washington will quit squabbling and improve the economic situation. I grew up on a farm so enjoyed your postings and links, you are so good with the blog the web might be a good career field or side business.
    take care and God Bless,

  2. I will miss you too, sister. But I completely understand. When we were struggling, writing on my blog was the last thing I wanted to do. I will be praying for you and I will definitely be here when you decide to come back. Love ya,

  3. Well, I am trying to gather my thoughts, to put something decent in writing.

    Becky, a blog isn’t your life, but it can be an outlet. I agree with you that you want to write happy thoughts here, at least semi-positive ones, but when life throws curve balls at us (so many of us are struggling with finances right now) it really does make the job of sharing the things that we feel passionate about more difficult.

    I pray that you find your footing and peace, and that you come back and announce that you are back with gusto! You are a good friend, and good person, and I will personally miss you while you take a break.



  4. Oh my blogging friend, I will miss you. You were one of my first “friends” when I began writing my blog. We appreciate the explanation, but still. I pray that the light at the end of that tunnel begins to brighten for you and your family and that we get to hear from you soon. Prayers and Blessings, Becky.

  5. Becky, if you need a break we understand. And if it helps you feel any better, everyone’s followers and comments are way down. I do hope things look up for you soon and you find out something about your blogging friend.

  6. Becky,
    Just want to say, OH BOY! do I understand!! I havent been able to really write about much for awhile myself. I think it just happens..
    I really hope things get better for you and yours..
    Like Jen said were also one of my first readers and Ive enjoyed hearing from you and reading about your life for quite sometime..
    I will miss you and until later my friend..

  7. I will miss you Becky and will look forward to the day when things are better and you are back again. Sending good thoughts your way to make things better and brighten your days.

  8. Oh no! I completely understand your leave of absence. My blog has been gathering cobwebs as well. I hope things turn around quickly for you guys and that you’re back in the writer’s seat before you know it!

  9. I wish I had a magic wand to wave and make your financial problems disappear-and mine too 🙂 I will miss you most of all-but I know you’ll be back and I’ll be here when you get back from your trip. And I’ll be thinking of you daily-cause I already do 🙂

  10. I will miss you Becky. We’ve been followers of each others blogs for a long time. I hope everything gets better for you and your family. Will be waiting for your return.

  11. Becky~ Adding my “I’ll miss you” to the list of others. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family and understand completely how it is to try and put that happy face on your blog posts when there is so much turmoil underneath. We’ve had a lot of family issue’s the last couple years that I don’t feel that it is appropriate to blog about. At the same time it’s hard to write those other happy posts and to even visit as much and comment on others posts. Feels fake almost. Good thoughts and prayers coming your way. Hoping that things turn around for you and yours soon and that you come back one day and pick up your pen. Hugs~

  12. I hope that things get better for you and your family soon! I understand how hard it is. We still have a family living with us and it has put a strain on us too. Making the bills month to month can be so hard some times! I hope you’ll come back and write when you feel like it!

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