School of Hard Knocks

This is a perfect example of why you should ALWAYS run a Carfax before buying a used car……

I was driving directly behind this vehicle. It’s obvious that the frame was bent or broken and rewelded (incorrectly) because the vehicle itself was not straight. You can tell because of the vehicle in front of it. We were in a straight stretch and the driver was driving straight, it’s just the rear was not following as it should.

If this vehicle is driven much I can only imagine the cost of keeping it maintained. Beginning with the tires not wearing correctly. Not to mention the driveshaft, axles, universal joint……

We had a problem a few years ago with a vehicle we bought from a local “reputable” dealer. We asked two seperate times if it had been wrecked and was told no. We asked to see a Carfax and was ensured by the sales manager that he didn’t have it on hand but he had seen it and promised that there were no problems with the vehicle.

Had we pressed the issue or ran our own Carfax we would have discovered that the vehicle had been totaled and restored, then a salvaged title was issued.

The dealership would not buy back the vehicle. We had to get a lawyer involved and force them to take it back.

It was a ugly situation.

Especially the part about me ranting and raving all through the dealership showroom. And yes, they threatened to call the police.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned was definitely the thought for the day at that dealership.

Normally, I am a very calm, lets handle this nicely, quietly and in an adult way kind of person. Don’t care much for confrontation. But after several months with no cooperation from them and payments adding up I was beyond nice and quiet. They were not exactly nice about the whole thing either.

My personality is kinda quiet, fun loving and goofy, but Lord don’t piss me off. (Just ask my husband) tee hee

You know what’s really bad is that I hate when people force me to “defend” myself. Don’t think that if you get loud that I will back down. It will only get me started, because I can be just a little irritated and someone will try to intimidate me by raising their voice and towering over me….

well, let’s just say that a woman scorned is mild.

I don’t like being angry, I don’t like confrontation, but even more so I don’t like being intimidated.

How did this post go from buying a used car to my anger management process?

Anyway, if you are thinking of buying a used car….

Write down the VIN (vehicle identification number) from the dashboard or driver’s door and run a Carfax! “Most” reputable dealerships will run one and show it to you. Chances are they have already ran one and it will be in their file.

And ask questions. South Carolina has a disclosure law that states that you don’t have to tell if you are not asked. My lawyer said because we asked on two seperate occasions if the vehicle had been wrecked and were told no, that because of this law it would be the basis of our case to force them to take back the vehicle.

So there’s your lesson for today by someone who had to learn the lesson at the school of hard knocks. LOL

Happy Wednesday!



5 comments on “School of Hard Knocks

  1. I’ve heard that even a Carfax might not have the whole story. I don’t know that for absolute, I just heard a news story on it. So I’d suggest covering all the bases when buying a used car.

    And I think we could be long lost sisters or cousins or something. I am very much like you when put in a position like that.

  2. You remind me of the Bruce Banner/Incredible Hulk…”Don’t make me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry.” 😀

  3. Sheesh! You’re scaring me!! LOL~ I promise not to piss you off (at least not on purpose!)
    Several years ago when my kids were small, I was in the market for a new-to-me used vehicle. I was test driving a van when I heard a pop and the back window exploded into a million tiny pieces. The salesman acted completly baffled and taken aback, but turns out, like your vehicle, the van had been totalled and re-framed. They had the nerve to ask me if I was still interested once they fixed the window! Good golly!

  4. I just had my own lesson learned-about not having a carfax before buying. I’m glad you were able to force them into taking it back-but man what a hassel!

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