The Halloween Story 2011

It was late, darkness had fell and I was beginning to feel a chill in the air. As I walked along the dirt road to home I was berating myself for staying too long at Mary’s house, but she had called earlier in the day and begged me to come over and help carve pumpkins for the Halloween festival in town that was to take place the next day. She was running out of time and desperately needed help.

As I walked a fog slowly creeped in, so slowly that I hadn’t noticed it until I realized that the light from the full moon was no longer bright enough to light my way. But I had traveled this path many times and could find my way home without the full moon’s light.

As I walked along, wishing desperately that I was already home, I heard a rustling sound in the trees just ahead of me…..

All I could make out was a pair of glowing eyes staring down at me and an odd looking shadow. It almost looked as if it was the shape of a human, high up in the tree tops. Was this my imagination or was I actually seeing this. I shook my head to get a better grip on what I was seeing, hoping it was just this spooky, foggy night playing tricks in my mind. As I began to get my vision back in to focus………..

I heard a voice. “Hello down there.”

Startled, I froze and waited, wondering if I really heard what I thought I heard.

Laughter. “Did I startle you?” The voice was raspy, like an old soul but childlike and playful too. And it was this playfulness that removed all of my anxieties about being out too late.

As I struggled to see, he danced like a monkey from limb to foggy limb, down to the point where we were now face to face. ……….

And still yet in the darkness I could not see the face, just those glowing eyes. I was now terrified but unable to run. Like a deer in headlights, mesmerized by those big, round, green glowing eyes.

As it landed at ground level it began to move toward me. I wanted to run, but couldn’t. I wanted to scream, not that anyone would hear me on this deserted dirt road, but I couldn’t. I just stood there frozen with fear.

As it neared me I could tell it was much taller than I with dark, worn and tattered clothing that seemed to be loose and flowing around the human form. But those eyes. It was like staring into the eyes of a snake, in a trance, unable to move as the figure moved slowly toward me.

Then I began to hear the sound of an engine at full throttle. Headlights appeared behind me and the figure disappeared, the trance was broken. I turned toward the lights to see a fast approaching vehicle in front of a heavy cloud of dust.

It was Mary’s boyfriend, Robert in his father’s 1949 Ford truck. He had stopped in to visit with Mary for a few minutes while on his way home from a long day of putting up hay on his Uncle’s farm just up the road from Mary.

When Mary told him that I had been there helping her and she was worried about me walking home so late at night by myself he quickly jumped in the truck and came looking for me. I didn’t hesitate to jump in that truck cab and accept the ride home.

As we rode the rest of the way home, silently I cried as Robert told me about the stories he had heard of people walking that same dirt road on All Hallow’s Eve, never to be heard from again. No one knew what had happened to them, they just seemed to disappear without a trace.

When we arrived at my house I thanked Robert for the ride and quickly ran into the house. Thanking God for Robert , the one who had came to my rescue and swearing to never walk that road again after dark.

Thank you to those of you who participated in the The Halloween Story 2011!

Happy Halloween Monday!


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