2011 Garden Report 15

Would you look at this….

Back in August, disgusted, I plowed up my corn patch, which also has one row that consisted of half sunflowers and half zinnias. When I pulled them up I just threw the spent seeds in the garden and hoped to see them grow voluntarily next spring.

Little did I know that they would sprout and grow this year!

And if Mr. Frost would have given it just a few more days before he came to visit I would have witnessed atleast one bloom from those scattered seeds.

Speaking of Mr. Frost, we have had a few light frosts since mid October, but this past Saturday night he visited in full form.

The garden is now finished for this year.


I have already started planning next year’s garden.

I know…..winter is just beginning to rear it’s muddy, rainy, snowy, cold head, but I’m ready to start planting again in hopes that my new plans will be beneficial to my desire to preserve as much as possible.

Guess I’ll just enjoy the winter break and keep dreaming about a lush, bountiful garden while Mr. Frost and Old Man Winter do their job.

Happy Monday!



5 comments on “2011 Garden Report 15

  1. Funny, I have zinnias sprouting too. They probably won’t get a chance to flower either. We have not had frost yet, but it can’t be far off! I love dreaming of a full lush garden while tuked inside during the cold winter months. I love, love the Halloween Story. I read it several times but could not come up with anything to comment.

  2. We are sopposed to get cooler this weekend, but won;t see frost for quite some time…would love one that would kill these silly flies we have! What a treat to “almost” have a blossom.

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