Story Bounce Halloween 2011

Today, October 29, 2011, almost Halloween and it’s time for the 4th Annual Twisted Fencepost Reader Contributed Halloween Story!

Remember the previous Halloween Stories….

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Halloween Story 2010.

It was fun, don’t you think?

I have learned that there is a name for this, it’s called story bounce.

So the rules are the same, keep it nice and keep it clean, but keep it SPOOKY! I’ll start the story and you add to the story in the comments section. Be sure to read the comment before yours and continue the story from there.

You can add to the story up until midnight October 30, 2011. Then I’ll end it and post the whole story on October 31, 2011.

Okay, Team Fencepost here we go…

The Halloween Story 2011

It was late, darkness had fell and I was beginning to feel a chill in the air. As I walked along the dirt road to home I was berating myself for staying too long at Mary’s house, but she had called earlier in the day and begged me to come over and help carve pumpkins for the Halloween festival in town that was to take place the next day. She was running out of time and desperately needed help.

As I walked a fog slowly creeped in, so slowly that I hadn’t noticed it until I realized that the light from the full moon was no longer bright enough to light my way. But I had traveled this path many times and could find my way home without the full moon’s light.

As I walked along, wishing desperately that I was already home, I heard a rustling sound in the trees just ahead of me…..

Okay, it’s your turn!

I can’t wait to find out what was in those trees!!!

Happy Saturday!


2 comments on “Story Bounce Halloween 2011

  1. All I could make out was a pair of glowing eyes staring down at me and an odd looking shadow. It almost looked as if it was the shape of a human, high up in the tree tops. Was this my imagination or was I actually seeing this. I shook my head to get a better grip on what I was seeing, hoping it was just this spooky, foggy night playing tricks in my mind. As I began to get my vision back in to focus………..

  2. I heard a voice. “Hello down there.”

    Startled, I froze and waited, wondering if I really heard what I thought I heard.

    Laughter. “Did I startle you?” The voice was raspy, like an old soul but childlike and playful too. And it was this playfulness that removed all of my anxieties about being out too late.

    As I struggled to see, he danced like a monkey from limb to foggy limb, down to the point where we were now face to face. ……….

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