2011 Garden Report 14

I found another limb that had taken root under my hydrangea. So I dug it up and put it in a pot of dirt to see if I could keep it alive to give my daughter. I kept it watered and kept it in a filtered light area of the yard and watched it closely to make sure it didn’t dry out. I began to think it wasn’t going to make it because it turned brown and leaves started dropping.

But I kept watering and watching and then I began to see sprouts.

And more sprouts.

I think my aloe vera is just a little crowded.

I’ll need to thin it out soon.

Back in the spring I received a Four O’clock start from Mississippi. I planted it in a pot of dirt, kept it watered and watched it close. Then I found a spot in the yard to plant it. Now it’s blooming. Yay!

I also received some hibiscus seeds from Florida and planted them in the spring. It bloomed once. But it was beautiful!

Recently, I posted a picture of what I thought may be a grape leaf. That picture was taken at the top of the vine. The one below was taken at the base of the vine.

So now I ask you….

If in fact this is a grape vine, what should I be doing with this? Should I build a trellis or something? Or an arbor? Should I be trimming and/or forming it?

What are your suggestions?

Happy Monday!



4 comments on “2011 Garden Report 14

  1. Congrats on the hydrangea rooting. That Hibiscus and the Four O’clock should be with you many years to come. The crowded container of Aloe looks good. Umm, I’m not sure about your vine.

  2. Sorry, no idea on the grape vine thingy, but your pictures are beautiful! I especially loved the hibiscus, very pretty.

  3. Looks like a non tropical Hardy Hibiscus, lucky you caught it, flowers last only 24 hours. Might need protection during first winter; cover with straw or rotting leaves. A hardy hibiscus is a late bloomer, with green shoots that don’t show until late spring, first flowers appear mid summer and flowers prolifically until frost kills the last of the buds.

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