Uncle C – Lives On

Uncle C was known to frequent the local taverns that were built in a wide spot along the river. And the way I hear it he was well known along that river, too.

It’s been said that he was the meanest man to walk along the river road, in his day.

I don’t know about that because that was not the man I knew that played his guitar and sang songs for me.

But in his younger days that is how he was known and maybe even how he’s remembered by some today. Especially the three young men that jumped him late one night.

I was told that he had been out one night at one of those taverns along the river and it was getting late, he decided it was time to make his way back up the river, to home.

He bid his goodbyes and headed for the door. He stepped out and stopped to let his eyes adjust to the darkness, then proceeded toward his truck parked in the dirt parking lot.

Just as he left the light of the tavern door he was ambushed by three young men who’s intentions were not clear. But Uncle C knew the odds were against him and he’d better think quick.

They began pushing him around, then push came to shove and then it turned into an all-out brawl. This is where Uncle C had to be on top of his game. They were hitting him and pushing him around and just when it began to look hopeless, one of them stepped a little too close.

Uncle C spotted a rock on the ground nearby and headed for it, as he bent over to pick it up with one hand, he wrapped his other arm around the neck of the young man that had stepped too close.

This was it, if Uncle C was gonna survive this, now was his chance.

Every time one of the other two young men hit my Uncle C, he hit the guy in the head with that rock. Until the point that the guy in the headlock was screaming for them to stop before Uncle C killed him.

They backed off and Uncle C let the guy go.

Uncle C went home to tend to his wounds as I’m sure the others did, too.

I’ve often wondered why those three ambushed him like that….

  1. Had he done something inside that had hacked one or all of them off? (Possibly, cause like I said, he had a reputation for not taking any crap from anyone.)
  2. Did they know that he had moonshine and wanted him to turn over his stash? (Maybe, but I promise you he wasn’t letting go of any of it unless you planned to contribute a dollar or two to the cause.)
  3. Or maybe they just thought he had cash on him and planned to rob him. (Uncle C was tight with his money and I can guarantee he wasn’t giving it up without a fight.)

Still only Uncle C knew why. But he fought his way out of that and many others, or so I’ve heard.

Happy Thursday!



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