Just Perfect

If you have followed this blog for long then you know that I take a lot of pictures. Atleast I used to take a lot of pictures.

I have this small point and shoot Kodak that I carried everywhere I went. But it has a problem….it’s very hard to turn on. Most of the time, by the time I get it turned on whatever it was that I planned to photograph is gone, changed position or something or other.

I purchased a new camera a while back, it’s bigger, bulkier and not quite so easy to carry everywhere I go. One of these days I’ll get that Kodak fixed. ***sigh***

On to the reason of this post.

The other day I jumped on our farm golf cart to drive down to the end of the driverway and get the mail. Down past my brother-in-law and family’s house, on past my Mother and Father-in-law’s house, out of the clearing and into a wooded area just before making a turn and on to the mailbox when ahead of me I see something move and a huge wingspan that flew to a tree branch a little further ahead, and landed. I stopped the golf cart and watched in amazement.

It was a huge barn owl, probably 2.5 to 3 feet tall. He was gorgeous. I knew he lived nearby and I hear him often calling out into the night. But this was only the 2nd time I had seen him in the almost 20 years we’ve been here on the farm.

As I watched him in awe of his beauty, he watched me with those big black circles that are his eyes. I spoke to him and he watched, never moving, until I began to move the golf cart. He then turned and flew off into the safety of the nearby trees.

I was awed by his beauty.

I was astounded by his size.

I was disgusted with myself……

because once again I DID NOT have my camera.

It was a perfect situation for a perfect picture.

It could have been “the best picture I’ve ever taken”.

If only I’d had my “dadblame” camera!!!


So instead of sharing with you the picture of a huge, beautiful barn owl you get this…….

A picture of part of the driveway.

Oh well….maybe I’ll see the owl again in another 20 years.

Happy Wednesday!



9 comments on “Just Perfect

  1. First – I love owls. Like so much so that every time we see anything anywhere that is decorated with an owl, my girls stop and point it out to me. Because owls are kinda in right now, you know…
    Second – I know what you mean about the camera thing. I need to be more diligent in taking it with me places, but it’s not such a great size for lugging around everywhere.
    I do hope you get another chance to take a picture of that owl, he sounds beautiful.
    It’s a very pretty picture of your driveway, though. With the sunlight streaming through and all…

  2. too bad, thought you were leading up to showing us the owl, I have always been fascinated by owls, mysterious, wise, and wide eyed. Take a look at the Panasonic Z10 camera, wide angle, 14X optical magnification, HD video in a small package, Just slow in clicking and capturing the right moment and you might need a tripod, steady hands or brace for high magnification.

  3. We hear owls sometimes, I have never been fortunate enough to see one though….good for you in seeing it, bad for us for you NOT having your camera..

  4. I have gotten pretty good about always having a camera handy now. Even though my camera is definitely not a pocket camera, I always know where it is. I’ve gotten some good deer-crossing-the-road pictures and stuff b/c I always had it ready.

    I say “HAD” b/c that camera got dropped in the lake this past weekend so now I only have my big Nikon DSLR. (A little harder to carry around!) So now I’ll be missing lots of shots too!!

  5. Whooo-hooo! Sorry about your dadblamed camera! I’ve been having that same problem for awhile now, so I just bought a pretty cheap little “point and shoot” that I’m now trying to figure out how to work. We have an owl that lives behind our house. I’ve seen him once, but hear him often.

    Your driveway is gorgeous, by the way!

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