2011 Farm Photo 25

Birds absolutely fascinate me.

Especially these little guys.

Buzzing around so fast that usually you only catch a glimpse as they disappear from sight.

They sit in the trees and guard their food source.

Chasing eachother all around.

This summer I’ve seen AND heard them collide in mid-air and watched them fall to the ground, shake it off and take flight again.

Their chittering is almost as fast as their wings.

I wonder what it is they’re saying to eachother as they compete for the sweet nectar that awaits?

Happy Friday!



9 comments on “2011 Farm Photo 25

  1. Great photos; thanks for sharing. We had two hummingbirds collide and one got stuck in a crack in the deck. I was afraid it was dead, but we pried the planks apart just a little and it fell through, then took off flying again.

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