2011 Garden Report 10

I have three garden areas. One of them (the corn patch) is finished, finito, over and done with. Thanks to the invisible critters that have a taste for corn.

************ 😦 ************

Garden #2 is winding down. It won’t be long until it’s all tilled over and waiting for the next spring planting. Next year I’ll have to shrink it a little due to being a little too shady. Some of the plants grew well, but didn’t produce anything because of the lack of sunshine.

Garden #3 is still going strong. The first run of cucumbers is starting to die out. Watermelon, cherry tomatoes and the yellow pear tomatoes are still producing. I had one watermelon almost ready to pick and it split wide open. A few more are getting close, so we’ll see how those go. And the okra……

Well, let’s just say that this ground is great for growing okra. It is taller than I am now. I’ve never seen it grown before and didn’t know what to expect and it was definitely more than I expected. I’m glad I only planted two plants. It keeps growing taller and the blooms and the okra grow right from the top of the plant. I love the foilage and the flowers. I have read that some people plant okra as border plants. Not for the okra but for the foilage and flowers.

I have a second run of cucumbers growing even though they are struggling a little due to lack of rain.

We haven’t had any significant rain here in weeks. Oh we get storm clouds and the thunder rolls but then it just blows on by. Yesterday, we had three storms pass us by.

You’d think atleast one of them would have had mercy on the farm. We get just enough to keep the grass green and the weeds tall, but the gardens are left begging for more.

I also have a second run of green beans up and coming.

And they are coming along nicely so far. I am surprised the rabbits haven’t found them and eaten all the leaves off.

They must be more concerned with the almost ripe cantelope. Twice I have caught them hiding in the cantelope patch.

So, how is your garden growing?

Happy Monday!



4 comments on “2011 Garden Report 10

  1. Veggie garden is way done…we received a little rain yesterday and was most grateful. They make short okra bushes, my husband has grown them before. Hope the critters don’t take a liking to your beans!

  2. We grew okra in our garden last year (the one that we kind of abandoned after a too-dry summer and not enough weeding!) and the okra kept growing even though everything died off. I love some fresh deep fried okra!

  3. Ours is almost done-still tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and watermelons-I’m watching my watermelons every day! If something happens to one of them I will cry!!

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