A Place Called Limbo

Throughout my day my mind runs wild with questions and thoughts. And usually when my mind quickly and continually jumps from one thought to the next, I forget what my last thought was.

For instance, I’ll be in the kitchen and remember there is something I need from another room in the house. As I head to that other room several more thoughts run through my head and I forget what I came to the “other” room for.  I do this so often that it begins to grate on my nerves.

I know there are others who suffer from this same breach of mental awareness.

I have found that if I list things the things that need doing in my mind as I go that I can recall them more easily.

For instance, I remember there is something in the other room that I need so I head in that direction. Then another thought will pop into my mind, then to myself I say I need to go get that in the other room and then do this in the room I just came through. As I go, I keep adding to that list. Starting at the beginning and then adding the new thought to the end.

And I count them…1…2…3…..

And still sometimes I forget a thing or two. I’m thinking to myself I had three things I needed to do….what was number two?

Is it because my mind is just overloaded?

Or because I have too much stress?

Or maybe it’s due to the years that have slipped so quickly by.

I prefer to think that it’s due to overuse. Does a mind “wear out” due to being over exercised like a knee or hip joint?

I think not.

My problem is not that I totally forget something. Thoughts get lost somewhere between the conscious and subconscious. They just float around in limbo until some trigger brings them back to a cognizant state.

They say that if you don’t use it, you lose it.

No problem with that here. If anything, my mind is overused.

I just worry that I’ll end up being stuck somewhere between conscious and subconscious in that place called limbo.

Happy Saturday!



7 comments on “A Place Called Limbo

  1. I completely understand. I am the same way. I think that we mothers tend to tend to overload ourselves with trying to take care of everything for everybody all the time. When my mind starts getting all jumbled up like that, I take it as a sign that it’s time to chill for a little bit on trying to be Wonder Woman. : )

  2. I think it’s an overload of information causing it. We have the internet, facebook, cell phones, TV… it’s impossible to not be looking at something, reading something, or doing something. I do the same exact thing. And sometimes I feel mentally exhausted from my brain going at 100 miles an hour ALL. THE. TIME.

  3. Oh my goodness can I relate to this today! I brought my lunch-a jar of peanut butter, jelly, spoon-but no BREAD!!! yep I’m forget ful too.

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