2011 Garden Report 9

Talk about frustration.

I spent much of my spring tilling, digging, planting, watering and fussing over tiny seedlings.

I’ve spent my summer watering, tying up, training and admiring the healthy plants that grew from those cute little seedlings.

Only to have the critters come from miles around and either devour the whole crop or take one bite and leave the rest to spoil on the vine.

I’m serious, just look at this……

I’ve got worms boring holes in my cucumbers. I’ve never had a problem with anything eating my cucumbers.

They make their way inside by taking bites out of the cucumber. I know this because they spit it back out the hole as they tunnel deeper inside.

They tunnel all through the cucumber as if looking for a lost treasure and then they just disappear. Only once have I actually caught one of them red handed…..uhmmm…..well, anyway, I caught them in the act.

I have stood motionless, while the minutes tick by, with tongs in hand just waiting for one of them to stick their head out and spit the goo that was once cucumber. To no avail.

I think they have a spy on the outside that sends some sort of signal when I am standing watch.

Anyone ever have problems with cucumber worms?

You’ve already heard about the corn masacre. And now the cucumbers.

The birds have taken to pecking the tomatoes.

I had a watermelon almost ready to pick and due to the dryness here it split wide open.

The rabbits have found the cantelope patch(I caught one red-footed just last week).

The green beans have been taken over by a rather large writing spider with a rather large web. Although, I was out there over the weekend and it seems that the recent high wind has torn down his little abode. HA!!!

The squash plants burnt up. Seriously, if I don’t water everyday(which is hard to find the time to do) it doesn’t take long for the plants to start shriveling.

The sweet banana and green bell peppers are producing, but very little.

The cherry tomatoes are doing well. And I think it’s because the way they are growing makes it hard for the birds to get to them. Double HA!

We are getting more than we can eat and I can’t wait to show you what I’m doing with them.

The okra is doing better than expected also. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with all of that.

I do have another green bean patch coming up and a cucumber patch as well.

I have watered and worried to the point of frustration. I’ve just about had it with the drought conditions and all these critters getting at MY food.

Even the peaches are not safe. I could not eat any of them because they had been infested.

I know I’ve said this before, but I don’t like using pesticides on the food I grow and feed my family. By next spring I will either have some sort of organic type of pesticide in place or I won’t be planting a garden.

I was supposed to be researching and planning this last winter but I just didn’t have time.

Not many people in my area plant gardens, so when the critters find my garden it’s like a fast food restaurant to them.

On a different note, I have recently discovered these…..

Sugar Snap Peas

I have never eaten these before(I told you I was sheltered). I’ve heard of them before, but because I don’t like cooked peas, I didn’t give them a second thought.

Actually, I should have because I prefer most of my vegetables raw; like cauliflower, cabbage, turnips….. I just don’t care for the mushiness(is SO a word!) of being cooked.

Anyway, I just love munching on sugar snap peas. Of course, no one else in my house does(figures). I would love to grow these myself, but as sweet as these are I don’t think they’d have a chance. The critters would think I have provided an after dinner dessert.

Have you ever grown sugar snap peas?

Were they devoured as quick as they ripened?

I’m curious. Do you grow them in the spring or fall? Seems I’ve heard somewhere that you grow peas in the cooler part of the growing season.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, that’s my garden report this week.

Happy Monday!



3 comments on “2011 Garden Report 9

  1. Oh how frustrating that must be!!! I’ve never had cucumber worms-but the dry heat baked our squash plants too. And something has been taking bites out of my tomatoes too!!! I love sugar snap peas too-me and the girls eat them straight from the garden.

  2. Oh, that’s so frustrating!! All that hard work and then those little worms come in and ruin it all. We’ve got cherry tomatoes coming out of our ears too. And it seems that my tomatoes are coming out of their funk, so I’m happy about that.

  3. Aww… sugarsnap peas!! MrC talked about them and we grew some and I was all “gross, peas!” but then he made me try one and I couldn’t believe I liked them! I can’t remember when we grew them but they were good!

    Maybe I’m glad we didn’t put out a garden this year if you had so many problems with yours!!

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