Nothing Left Behind

In the spring, I tilled up the garden across the road and Boo and I planted corn, sunflowers and zinnias. I planed the rows in a different direction this year to keep the wind from knocking the cornstalks over. In rows longwise of the garden instead of across, to let the wind channel through the rows instead hitting a wall and knocking it over. During the summer I have tilled between the rows, hoed the soil up around the corn to keep the wind from knocking it over, watered and admired it as it grew.  It has been a battle with the lack of rain, but I was excited to finally have a nice corn crop.

It tasseled and pollinated and I began to see cornsilks and then the growing ears of corn became visible. I was hoping to put corn up in the freezer. I dreamt of corn and the ways I would use it over the winter.

Last week, I picked a few ears that were ready, shucked them and had them with supper. Fresh from the stalk to the plate. It was delicious.

I had to give the rest a few days to grow and then be ready to start “putting up” the corn.

I walked out to the garden to pick those ripe and ready ears of corn.

My horses were looking forward to the fresh corn shucks they would soon be getting.

As I neared the garden I noticed it didn’t quite look the same.

The closer I got the more aparent it became….

that something had beat me to the corn.

It knocked over the stalks, stripped off the shucks and devoured the ears of corn.

Not a kernel was left behind.

I was shocked…



This year I only planted there was had not been bothered by critters in the previous years.

Next year, I think I’ll just have a sunflower patch.


Happy Wednesday!



9 comments on “Nothing Left Behind

  1. Oh no, that’s maddening! That’s kinda how I feel about my tomatoes this year. I almost can’t stand to go out there and look anymore.

  2. ah ha! The exact same thing happened to me when I first moved to Peebly 11 years ago!!!! The very night before I was going to pick! THey must be spying!
    Mine was deer, yours?

  3. Racoons no doubt…sorry about that…being a gardener and a farmer my whole life…I know it is very disappointing. Come on over and say hi….and join in my linky party too!!

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