2011 Farm Photo 21

Another critter from the farm…..

The Captain calls these “banana spiders”.

I call them “writing spiders”.

What do you call them?

Happy Friday!




13 comments on “2011 Farm Photo 21

  1. That’s a pretty writing spider!!!! Although I love watching them and think they are pretty I don’t like walking into the web they leave behind. Lol!!!

  2. I call them ‘yucky’ spiders. I just had my husband come and kill one in the berry patch for me this morning. I just hate unexpectedly putting my hand or head into one of those.

    • They are interesting, but kinda boring, Mary. They just sit there in one spot all day. Guess they’re nocturnal. Remind me not to go in the garden after dark!

  3. Hey, I just found your blog today and I’m glad I did. They used to tell us that if a writing spider writes your initial, then you are going to die. I used to think, There must be a lot of dead people whose names start with Ms, Ns, Vs, Ws, and Zs. But I never told anybody until now.

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