Garlic And Loofah – Help!

Today is question and answer day for those of you who are seasoned growers.

I’ll ask the questions.

You answer.

tee hee

Hopefully, there is someone out there who will have the answers I seek.

For you garlic growers…..

What is up with this garlic?

It looks as if it is not getting enough water. I water it everytime I water the herb garden, but still it’s limp and browning on the tips. I would think that it holds its water better than the pots which have drainage hole and tends to dry out quicker. Maybe it’s being over watered??? I’ve been expecting flowers, but that hasn’t happened. I’m new to this. So your experienced advice will be very appreciated.

And the loofah is growing, but very slowly.

This I’ve never seen grown before. I would think that it would have bloomed and produced little loofahs by now. Even though it’s been growing since May it still is not higher than 2 feet. Any ideas?

Thanks for any suggestions or ideas you may have!

Happy Tuesday!



4 comments on “Garlic And Loofah – Help!

  1. Garlic likes to be on the dry side. Mine do die back some in mid summer. The loofah needs a shot of fertilizer. It likes to dry out some between waterings, but will benefit with regular watering.

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