2011 Garden Report 7

This week is an update on the herb garden.

If you’re wondering what that thing is at the bottom right….

It’s the lid to a plastic container, that I no longer have, that I put some river rocks in and add water each time I water the herb garden area. It’s there for the birds and other critters that need water.

So far, “most” of the herb garden is doing well. Some things are not.

For instance, the rosemary never sprouted. Neither did the daisies.

Dill – seems to be doing well. I can’t help but think it would do better outside of this pot it’s growing in. If I remember correctly it gets rather tall when grown in a garden area.

Cilantro – I’ve never seen this grown before, but it looks about the same as what I seen at the grocer. So I’ll say it’s doing well.

Chives – not much of it sprouted. And what did doesn’t seem to be doing well.

Oregano – this sprouted from being planted in this planter box last year. Seems to be getting rather spindly. Maybe it needs to be where it gets more sun.

Thyme – I’ve never seen this grown before either. It looks as if it’s doing well. What’s your opinion?

Basil – this is probably the most healthy plant in the herb garden.

Mint – this is very healthy, too. It quickly outgrew its pot and had to be transplanted to a larger pot. I’ve heard that mint spreads very quickly and will take over the garden. I’ll be keeping it in a container of some sort!

And a couple of things that are growing here that are not herbs.

Forget Me Not – seeds sent to me by Darla after the passing of my brother.

Thank you, Darla!

Peach Tree – peach trees were planted on the farm after the passing of my Mother, Father and Brother. One of them had sprouts coming up from the roots of it. Not wanting the sprouts growing, I began pulling them up. This one came out with its roots. So I put it in a recycled flower pot with some dirt and began watering. It seems to be doing just fine. YAY!

If you have any suggestions, ideas or advice about any of these, since I am new to herb gardening, please add in the comment section. There may be others who are interested, too.

That’s it for the herb garden update.

Tomorrow I will have a couple of questions about some things I’m having problems with.

Stop in and share your seasoned expertise!

Happy Monday!



5 comments on “2011 Garden Report 7

  1. Dill doesn’t like to be over watered and dies down when the temps get really hot. Your chives are doing very well. It takes a couple of years for them to get good and established. Thyme doesn’t like a lot of water either. Any type of mint is a garden thug, containerized is the best way to go with it. The flowers are Forget Me Nots…that’s my redneck two cents worth, 🙂

  2. Dill will get large and mint will take over! It lures you in with its pretty green and nicely scented leaves and when you turn your back, it spreads its roots EVERYWHERE! (not that it have every happened to me). My thyme grows without much care..spreads, too, but super eay to control. I grab handfuls of it, pull bottom leaves off and stick in jars or vases when eating outides. Pretty and easy decor.

  3. It think it looks great-and I hope you get good tips about the ones that didn’t do so well!

  4. Can’t help you much because I am not an herb person. But the mint will take over! I don’t think I will ever get rid of my peppermint that we accidentally got started.

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