Did You Pass It On?

After the post I published about the snake that kept me from turning on the pool pump, a friend sent me some pictures of a king snake eating/swallowing a copperhead. Proof that what I say is true about black snakes keeping away the poisonous snakes.

But it reminded me of something my Dad told me when I was a kid. You know, those things adults tell kids that’s not really true, but they say it in a way that has you convinced. Atleast until you’re old enough to figure out the truth or some sympathetic person comes along and tells you that you’ve been had.

He told me that if two snakes began eating/swallowing eachother’s tails, they would eventually completely swallow eachother and disappear.

I have always had an active imagination and what I saw in my mind kept me busy for quite some time.

I wonder if that’s what he had in mindl? To keep my mind busy on one of those long, lazy summer afternoons?

A friend of mine told a younger friend of ours that those small compact cars run on rubberbands. You could almost see the wheels of motion that turned on her imagination.

My brother told me that there is a place in your belly button that if you pulled on it you would completely unravel yourself. Which in turn I have told numerous young people in my life.

I can remember looking closely and picking at my belly button, but never pulling. Can you imagine how I would have reacted if something would have looked as if it were coming loose?!


Or how about if when you lose a tooth? If you don’t stick your tongue in the hole, you will grow a gold tooth.

How many of you tried your best not to stick your tongue in there? It’s impossible. LOL

I knew someone that when he was a child and his mother had to go outside for a minute, she would lay a chicken feather in the doorway and told him that the chickens would get him if he got close to it.

That man was terrified of anything with feathers until the day that he died.

What kind of “stories” were you told as a child that you believed for the longest time?

Did you pass it on to the younger generation after you relized someone had been pulling your leg?

Speaking of pulling your leg….. where from did that phrase come from?

Hmmmmm, I’m off to research that one.

Happy Tuesday!



5 comments on “Did You Pass It On?

  1. I have never heard the gold tooth one. Very funny. My grandad told me the tall tale about the two snakes eating each other and disappearing. Believed that one forever!

  2. Those are good ones, Becky. I can’t think of many right now. Mom did always tell me that drinking coffee would stunt your growth, tho. And, if you swallowed a watermelon seed a watermelon would grow in your stomach.

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