It’s An Itty Bitty…..

kind of day on the farm.

We’ve got itty bitty….


Summer squash


Yellow Pear Tomato

Sweet Banana Pepper


Green Beans


And Pecans

There are other things growing on the farm, but they haven’t shown their itty bitty faces yet. But they will.

What kind of day are you havnig where you are?

We hope it’s a good one!

Happy Tuesday!



5 comments on “It’s An Itty Bitty…..

  1. As for me I am trying to decide if I want to go back to Word Press and see if anything like inspiration comes over me. I am about blogged out at Blogger fearing I have just about done all I can there.

    As for the produce pictures. You must have been out early to be this far along with everything. I have two wild, stray volunteer tomatoes and both now have yellow blossoms. Otherwise I am still watering stunted flowers and hoping something blooms so the insects and bees will have something to eat.

  2. You are so lucky. I have been trying a new gardening style called Square Foot Gardening this year. Nothing is growing. It has been too cold and too wet. Can’t even grow radishes and onions. Got cucs, pole beans, corn, tomatoes, zucchini — none doing very good. Everytime it starts to dry out we get another 1-3 inches of rain and they get flooded. Guess there is always next year. Great garden!

  3. Your garden is looking good! That’s it I am putting in another one tomorrow… I still have my bells coming in but the maters and cukes have pooped out. I am doing more maters and melons 🙂

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