Special Treat

The other day, “The Rabbit” and I went for a walk. Just had to get away from the homework for a bit and clear my mind.

Last year I planted my whole garden on the other side of the driveway in an unused area of the farm. And because most of my garden was eaten by wildlife I decided to only plant there what they didn’t gobble up last year. Except for corn that the deer like to nibble on. So far, no nibbles, but I’m keeping a close watch on that.

Just as the garden came into sight I found this…..

Which is not unusual. I see them scurrying about all the time.

Then I noticed this….

One on each side of the garden.

And then this….

There are five rabbits in that picture.

They were running around, playing and having a big time.

Kicking up the dust…..

And my “Rabbit” just happened to capture it.


I moved a little closer and they poised to run.

But not too far. They went back to playing.

I moved a little closer, which was too close for them and off they went.

Running for their life, they are thinking.

I really like watching them. Especially when they don’t know they’re being watched.

It’s no wonder that there was little for me to harvest from the garden last year.

I have planted nothing there for them to eat this year, but two volunteer watermelon plants popped up in this garden.

I think I’ll let them grow and give the rabbits a special treat for allowing me to enjoy the special treat of their presence in the garden.

Happy Wednesday!’



5 comments on “Special Treat

  1. Great Captures Becky, I love the lil bunnies. I had a wild one couple years ago use to hang out with me. Love the baby ones and they do play like kids they chase each other… YOU are great for feeding them …hehehe

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