Garden Report 2011 – Week 6

Despite the drought we’ve been experiencing, my garden is doing well so far.

Below is a little of what’s growing in the garden.

Here’s the corn Boo and I planted back in May.

It’s not as tall as it looks in this picture. Most of it is about waist high.

And here’s the corn I planted a week ago.

I just love seeing the rows of cute little sprouts pop up.

It looks like I just may have green beans this year.

So far, the rabbits haven’t found them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t.

I have been dragging water hoses all over trying to keep the summer sun from burning up my garden. Every day the temps are above 90F and usually in the high 90’s.

Our pool has been getting a lot of daily activity.

There’s nothing more refreshing after working out in this heat than jumping in the pool and cooling off.

I must make sure my daily chores are completed for the day, because once I get in the pool, I don’t want to get out.

How’s your garden growing?

Happy Monday!



5 comments on “Garden Report 2011 – Week 6

  1. The rabbits are attacking my peppers. Your garden looks great! I wish I had the room to do corn. I mean, technically, I DO have the room, but I have been too afraid to try. I can imagine that your pool is definitely getting a lot of use. I am so jealous! We just got back from vacation in Tennessee where the temps were in the 90’s every day. The high here in Indiana today is only supposed to be 78. That’s going to feel really nice in comparison.
    Have a great day, Sista!

  2. Gardening is slow going around here because of the heat and drought. My husband enjoys jumping in the pool after a long day of working too. Your corn is looking good~~!

  3. We have had such cool wet weather that has made it hard to get the garden planted this year, but we just finished up last night. we’ve got gobs of strawberries growing that we planted last year. Hopefully the birds don’t get them!

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