Garden Report 2011 – Week 5

I have been working hard and enjoying every last minute of it, too. Even if it is hotter than “blue blazes”. It’s just what I do. I find such peace and satisfaction outside.

I love watching things go from seed to plant to food or flower.

Like this corn.

Last year I planted in rows across the garden and the wind knocked it over. Ruining any chance I may have had at harvesting an ear of corn or two. This year I planted in rows the length of the garden. Also, over the weekend (after that picture was taken) I ran the tiller between the rows and then raked dirt up around the stalks to hopefully strengthen them against the wind. I’ll get a picture for you so you can see the difference.

I also planted two more rows of corn just as I said I would when the moon was in the right phase for planting above ground crops.

My green beans are coming along nicely, so far.

Moving them from the big garden to a smaller garden area closer to the house has proven to be a positive move so far. This time last year they were planted in the big garden and the rabbits ate the leaves as fast as they appeared. They haven’t found the new garden yet. Keep your fingers crossed.

Something new I have planted this year is loofah.

At my request, Darla shared her seeds with me via the US mail service.

Most people think that loofah sponges come from the sea, but in fact they are a squash-like plant. You let them grow, then let them dry. I’m not sure if you cut them before or after they dry. I would think before as they would be hard to cut after they dry. They’re in the experimental stage right now.

I planted two seeds beside a tree because I’ve read that their vines grow long. So I figured I’d let it grow up a tree (just as Darla did), then pull the vine down at the end  of the growing season. Anyway, I planted two seeds and I watered them faithfully along with everything else. About two weeks later they still hadn’t come up. So I planted two more seeds and watered them faithfully. Next thing I know I have four sprouts. They came up all at once.***sigh***

Thanks Darla!!!

Also, a few secrets have sprouted!!!!

Shhhhhhh……don’t tell.

Happy Monday!



4 comments on “Garden Report 2011 – Week 5

  1. Looking good! We didn’t have room to plant corn this year, maybe next year. But are beans, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, watermelons, onions and potatoes are doing pretty good.

  2. I too like to watch things grow…and love the challenge of keeping them growing! Your garden is looking good. I have lemon cucumbers coming out my ears…I think I am going to sit at the end of the drive way in the morning and see if I can sell them.

  3. Your veggies are looking good..stay hydrated girl! Get ready for those loofahs….let them stay on the vine as long as you can, the drier and ligher they are before picking, the easier to peel and shake the seeds out. I have loofahs popping up all over the place this year..didn’t plant a one of them…

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