I’ve Got A……


I’ll share it with you if you promise to keep it safe.



last Tuesday, I walked around the farm with a small shovel, a full watering can and a package of sunflower seeds.

The “MAMMOTH” sunflower seeds. They grow 12′ tall.

I “LOVE” sunflowers almost as much as I love daisies.

Anyway, I planted them here and there all over the place here on the farm. In spots unlikely to be mowed. I can’t wait until they start coming up.

I dug a hole, added a seed or two, covered it up and watered them in all at once. I’m leaving their fate up to God and so far he is taking good care of them. He watered them again on friday.

This is in addition to the row of them I planted in the big garden across the driveway.

I always plant sunflowers, but I never thought of randomly planting seeds like this before. And honestly, I didn’t think of it this time.  Melinda gave me the idea when she did the same thing on her farm and then blogged about it.

Thanks for the idea, Melinda!

I haven’t told a soul, except you.

So keep our secret safe!

I can’t wait to see the reactions of those who live here on the farm!

As they show themselves I”ll take pics and share with you.

Happy Tuesday!



8 comments on “I’ve Got A……

  1. That’s such a neat idea. Sunflowers are so cheerful, I think it will be great to see them in random spots around your place.

  2. What a neat thing to do!! Makes me wish I had some seeds. Can’t wait to see how it turns out and how surprised everyone is : )

  3. What a great idea!!!
    I think I will do this to. I have a packet of sunflower seeds & wasn’t sure where to put them. Sunflowers are my favorite!

  4. Hope your sunflowers surprise everyone. I love them, too. I planted some in cups and transplanted them in the garden. The garden was full of veggies, so I just had to put them here and there. Some creature keeps eating the leaves off of some of them!

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